Jail Movie Review: A message oriented film that needs a lot of rework

The message of the film has been conveyed in the first half itself and the second half has nothing but the truth that you need to rush to a conclusion and give us simplistic scenes.

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Jail Movie Review
Jail Movie Review: A message-oriented film that needs a lot of rework

Movie title: Jail 

Director: Vasanthabalan

Cast: GV Prakash Kumar, Abarnathi, Radhika and others

Rating: 2/5

Review by: Bhavana Sharma

After being released from prison, Karna (GV Prakash Kumar), a small-time criminal, Rocky (Nandhan Ram), a drug pusher, and Kalai (Pasanga Pandi) decide to live a normal life. They are residing in an area called Kaveri Nagar which is a resettlement colony for the people living in the slums of Chennai. Also, the area is popular for being the breeding ground for criminals. Crime has been an easier lifestyle for these people here to make an income. But things go wrong when cop Perumal (Ravi Maria) makes false allegations and fake cases against them. How all this leads to a pool of violence is something you need to watch on screen. 

Jail is all about the sentiments of people. Mother sentiment plays a key role here. Paapammal (Radhika Sarathkumar) is seen throughout the film. Sister sentiment, friend sentiment, and a lot of other such sentiments are blindly followed just as if the director was trying to tick some boxes. Director Vasanthabalan has made it very clear that Jail is going to throw light on the poor who are forced to move to resettlement colonies from their localities. It also focuses on how people from the slum, in the resettlement process, are treated like birds that are being shifted from one cage to the other. 

GV Prakash has given a good performance. Raadhika was the perfect choice to play his mother. Actress Abarnathi plays a refugee and she too has done a good job. A lot of scenes and songs in the film seemed very wannabe. Stunts choreographed by Anbariv were a visual treat. They were real and rustic. Though the story was focusing on what happens in the jail and how these youngsters ended up there, again and again, it still lacks the climax which is not so great, even terribly contrived. The message of the film has been conveyed in the first half itself and the second half has nothing but the truth that forces you to rush to a conclusion. 


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