Kamal Haasan to Dhanush: Celebrities who should star in the Tamil remake of Breaking Bad

From Kamal Haasan as Walter White to Dhanush as Jessie Pinkmen, here is the dream cast of Breaking Bad, if it were to be taken in Tamil.
Kamal Haasan to Dhanush: Celebrities who should star in the Tamil remake of Breaking Bad Kamal Haasan to Dhanush: Celebrities who should star in the Tamil remake of Breaking Bad
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Series may come and go. But there are only a few that will be our forever favorite ones. Breaking Bad is one such series, which we will keep revisiting from time to time. While we all love the original cast of the series, we all would love it if it is remade in Tamil either as series or as a film. While the series has an ensemble of cast, we have selected 7 main characters for our dream cast in Tamil. Here is our dream cast of the series if it was to be taken in Tamil.

1. Kamal Haasan as Walter White

Who else can play the role of Walter White if it was taken in Tamil? Kamal Haasan is a versatile actor, who can perfectly portray Mr White to Tamil audience. From being a humble professor to slowly becoming a cold-hearted villain Heisenberg, Kamal Haasan would pull it through like a cakewalk. If you are still not convinced with our selection, just compare these two iconic scenes from the series Breaking Bad and the movie Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu: Heisenberg’s famous dialogue, ‘Say my name’ and Raghavan’s dialogue ‘En kannu venum nu ketiyaame’.

2. Dhanush as Jesse Pinkman

Our Pudhupettai Pullingo Dhanush would be the right selection to play Jesse Pinkman. Starting from his body built to the expression and his performance, Dhanush could be the only actor to play as Jessie. The character transmission from an aimless junkie who falls into depression, to his self-realisation and then becoming a slave to drug dealers, Dhanush would be perfect for the role. To play Skinny Pete and Badger, we cannot think about anyone but Rakshan and Naveen Chandra.

3R Madhavan as Hank Schrader

R Madhavan, who has already proved his role as a restless cop in Vikram Veda, would easily act as Hank Schrader. We have already witnessed the combination of Madhavan and Kamal in a couple of movies including Anbe Sivam and Manmadhan Ambu, and they both are easily the best duo. We are so stuck with Maddy, that we cannot think of anyone else for the role if the series was made in Tamil.

4. Bobby Simha as Tuco Salamanca

Tuco Salamanca, who was a ruthless, idiotic villain in Breaking Bad, already has a Tamil version. It’s none other than Sethu in Jigarthanda. One cannot help but compare these two characters and the way they were executed. Bobby Simha is yet another critically acclaimed actor of Kollywood, and he has proved his talent in all of his movies.

5. Sathyaraj as Gus Fring

If one would list out furious villains of Kollywood, Sathyaraj would occupy the top position in it. Gus Fring played a composed villain, who would not make any hasty decisions like Tuco. He was organised, and he knew what he was doing. Sathyaraj, who has now become a pan-Indian actor after his role as Kattappa in Baahubali, has been playing the baddie for more than 30 decades. If Sathyaraj plays as Gus, we are sure the role would have his own version and we would not be disappointed by it.

6. Simran as Skyler White

Simran is one of the few female actors of Kollywood, who has made sure that her role improved the quality of the movies that she has acted in. Skyler is one of the most important characters of the series, who has a big role that travels from the beginning to the end. Simran, who has acted in critically acclaimed movies even in the early 90s, would be the best option for Skyler. Not to mention that we have already witnessed the streaming hot chemistry between Simran and Kamal Haasan in many movies in the past.

7. Vivekh as Saul Goodman

To play a role which is serious yet comic, we could not think of anyone but actor Vivekh. The actor is known for his performances as a boss of a dummy gang. His role in recent movies from Dharala Prabhu to VIP, has made us believe that he would be the perfect person in Tamil cinema to play that of Saul Goodman.