Kamal Haasan questions Tamil Nadu CM K Palaniswami about his inability to take a decision on the lockdown

Kamal Haasan shared a post on his Twitter account asking the Tamil Nadu CM K Palaniswami about his inability to take a decision on the lockdown when the other state CMs, has taken a decision.
Kamal Haasan questions Tamil Nadu CM K Palaniswami about his inability to take a decision on the lockdownKamal Haasan questions Tamil Nadu CM K Palaniswami about his inability to take a decision on the lockdown
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The south megastar Kamal Haasan shared a post on his Twitter account asking the Tamil Nadu CM K Palaniswami about his inability to take a decision on the lockdown. The Indian 2 actor wrote in his tweet that what was the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister waiting for as the other state CMs, has taken a decision on the lockdown situation in the country. The south star who featured in film Hey Ram stated further that Chief Ministers of other states have taken an autonomous decision about the Coronavirus lockdown, and yet he was still waiting.

Kamal Haasan wrote in his tweet that the Tamil Nadu CM was waiting for his Master? Haasan further writes that he was the voice of the people and from the people and urged the Tamil Nadu CM to wake up and not sit still in his chair. The actor is known to be vocal about his political opinion and this time was no different. On the work front, Kamal Haasan will be seen in the upcoming film titled Indian 2. This film is helmed by south director Shankar. The film will also stars, Kajal Aggarwal, Rakul Preet Singh, Siddharth and Priya Bhavani Shankar in crucial roles.

Check out Kamal Haasan's tweet:

The film is a second part to the original film Indian. The upcoming film Indian 2 brings back Kamal Haasan as the fierce Senapathy. The director had previously shared a still from the film Indian 2 of the lead actor in his Senapathy avatar. The fans were delighted to see Kamal Haasan in his Senapathy look.

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Dear Kamal hasan,

Don't be a destructive critisiser at this grave situation.Your aspiration to become the CM of Tamilnadu is not going to materialise.Try to help financially and physically(through your fans association)the people of Tamilnadu at this juncture.Besides you must also realise that the Tabliqe muslims whom you stlll treat.as minority is the main reason for such a wide spread of kovid in zTamilnadu and Mahatashtra.Indians must respect the rule of law.Try to teach these persons about love and respect for the nation , instead of merely criticising the govts.

Please don't take this man seriously...

I don't undestand the necessity or urgency in declaration of lockout continuation AS LONG AS THE JOB IS BEING DONE by CM who is doing an excellent job as of now

Kamal sir,u can very well speak to Our CM and give ur comment on lock down misherablity faced by a citizen sitting idle in home with pain in this circumstances rather then tweeting

Did you donate your Car to the poor man who rode his wife to Puduchery for cancer treatment? If No, you have no right to speak!

Best Actors are Not Real Heroes in Real.life
( they do not know the diffrence between Reeeel life and Real.Life )
At Present Doctors Nurses.Policeman.and Sanitery Workers Miltery Man are fighting with Cornona on.the Ground Battle field by.sacrificing their lives and families

People who take this joker seriously are jokers themselves. Tamilians showed him his place last time. Gutter

People who want to be in limelight by invoking irrelevant queries, Hassan is one of them. Never let such people to take upper hand.

The nurse doing her service in a KOVID hospital is also an honourable taxpayer doing an honourable service. When people misbehave by spitting on her face , why these responsible people are keeping quiet? vote bank politics.. ? Or Great people will speak on great topis profitable to them......!

Be a Bhartiya first than your regions religions. Open new fund organization which will spend money on research to lead Bhart from all directions.

Yes, Kamal is 100% taxpayer and will raise his voice everytime.He is unstoppable as a citizen.You cannot ensure that the fund is utilized only for that purpose,even that the donors know it.Politicians will loot and never change even in the utmost life-threatening situation. His personal life has got nothing to do with this issue. Likewise nobody has flawless lifestyle today. Leader has to ensure / take support of everyone in this country to co-operate and contribute...

He is an anti national guy, unable to comment the main root cause groups

All of you who use the term anti-national are PSEUDO-nationalists. How many of you have donated money PSEUDO-nationalists???? Don't lie. The central fund is not just for the big guns. Are you still paying your maids and employees,though they can't come in to work for you? Except for spewing your venom in the name of nationalism you do nothing.
PV please post.

Can Kamal tell us what decisions his favourites Mr. Pinarai Vijayan and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal have taken in this regard. In fact Mr Pinarai Vijayan is still waiting for the centre's decision. Kamal seems to be wanting in the limelight otherwise people may forget his existence.

I had great regards on kamal till few years ago. Now seeing how worst his character and dirty political mind is, I am ashamed how I was his fan for long. A man who can't even stand in front of PM writes a filthy letter to him. Has he spent a single pai for public other than wooing all females irrespective of their age and relation

You can act. Do that and that alone. Idiots like you are a danger to India. If you are so confident of your intelligence why dont you announce a party, storm TN and be a CM. You know you are a loser just fit enough to make noise once a while and get some eyeballs. You are not an MGR or an NTR. The least you can do is squeal once a while from the sidewalk.

If you any guts, first plz mention your name and add. Then give your unwanted all cmments. Kathija. Kamnal 100 percent tax payer.

What he says is correct when all states highly affected have taken a call why are we waiting for orders are you going to make things worse by waiy8bg as a leader this is what is expected to take a solid decision .

He is the one who said that the PM has taken a hasty decision in putting the lockdown.Can anyone suggest this idiot to just shut his mouth and don't do politics on issue like CARONA

Kamal and his Stupidity. He has some Chamchas like Sripriya and Snehan. He has no brain of his own or any good advisors other than the above fools. How cheap are you to do Politics in this crisis. You are no lesser than Stalin. Come out man and see the conditions. Your message says on behalf of people. My foot..

Let kamal visit his home town paramakudi and do some worth while relief work before commenting on the work of CM of Tamilnadu.

Should have nation first in mind rather than petty politics.Keeping quiet will be better tha raising dust and pretending to be an intellectual

A selfish petty man of all kinds. The chief minister's action to be in tandem with that of the nation.CM has proved his mettle .you better sing songs and have a dance in praise of Nizamuddin meeting.you poisonous creature.

Hassan is a joker

What is the necessity to announce the decision prior to 14 th April ? Everybody knows what is going on. We are already under Lockdown. Announcement is only a FORMAL.....

Why don’t you question your Tablighi Jamaat people on how they planned and executed the plan to spread virus successfully, Cancer to the nation

Its very difficult to question Modiji ir state CM now a days. Many followers became blind. In a democracy alternate viwes should be respected. But in India suddenly you become anti national if you offet alternate views. If I questiin the lighting order of Honourable PM you are anti national. People should understand that Kamal has the readon to question. What is wrong. When he questioned corruption practices in his film Indian or Hindustani people accepted. Now in real life you dont accept. What a oity

Sir even if Kamal sir donates money to CM/PM funds what's the guarantee its reaches needful, may be Kamal sir helping the needful without any show-Off.

This fellow can mind his business. EPS knows how to manage the situation. Kamal you go and patch up with Gowtami and f....k

Great difference between filmi dialogues and political working. Everybody should contribute to the welfare of the suffering humanity as well as the country.............. But so unfortunate and shameful that in place of serving the suffering humanity people indulge in vain tasks......... India needs help, cooperation and service at the moment... Not the stupid and idiotic remarks...

As an actor, I love his very brilliant and meaningful performance in cinema.That art is god gifted and he could have shined out as One more Mahanayak. Politics is like muddy platform and Kamal can reconsider about his political scenario

Hello kamal sir

It is very easy to tweet from home sitting in a chair. But they working on field. They are doing well and they what to do and when to do. Pls be quite. Your are the so called actor want to rule tamilnadu but until now no one have come forward to give 1 rupee for common people . You don't have right to speak

The great Kamala Hasan Ji,apne girebaan me jhank ke dekhiye. Pehele apne biradri ko samaliye bad me duniya no nasiyaat dijiye Sahab. Jai Hind.

It is better for Mr.kamalto Keep quiet. What was his contribution to the downtrodden in this situation? Everyone in public as well as from your industry knows about you very well. When the heads of other nations n several opposition parties talk sensibly, you are commenting the PM. You can't be compared to the foot dust of our PM.

CM himself had told that we will enter 3rd stage soon, then why he is not taking and decision.

Cheap politics by a cheap womanizer

Mr. Kamal, why don't you write to your Tabligih Jamaat brothers and ask them why they spread the disease in Tamilnadu?? The Entire film industry in TN Celebrated your 60th year in Films & you didn't have the gratitude to Contribute at least 1 Rupee?? Shame

And also ask him how many other women uses his address in their passport?

Why u can't write letter tabligih jamaat fool

U asked correctly kamal sir. Fools cant able to understand your correct question. Useless fellows only will comment like this bad words.

Fools always follows the fools your own consciousness is the better judge

This guy has a verbal diarrhea , and opportunists , in total GOOD FOR NOTHING



If CM takes independent decision to announce lockdown this fellow Kamal may say that by extending lockdown CM has acted against Muslim community and come in support of them. Sofar he didn't say or write about a particular community who are allegedly and publicly spreading this disease. Also Kamal doesn't seem to work for distraught people or contribute money. Instead of wrong comments and bad mouthing let him work in quarantine areas by putting a mask and serve them for disease by giving food etc., by asking them to co-operate with Govt efforts. Maybe he can prove he is working for people. Govts and their officers and workers are tirelessly working overtime. Don't throw criticism. First you work, contribute generously to fund, serve poor and those hospitalized. By doing service you may endear people.

Exactly ...agree u r point

It is the prerogative of the CM to take.the decision at the appropriate time?He need mot follow some other CMs who have shown their immaturity.For God sake do not interfere with TN CM's functions.

Well said....A guy couldn't take care of his own family.. talking about the state....how he himself claim that it's people's voice....

Kamal sir,u r a legend in acting.nobody can beat ur acting.but in politics ur negative comment will spoil ur image no matter its true/fake.does anyone have a clue if all d money dumped in PM fund will reach d ppl's welfare.

Perfect. No one knows if tge money will teach the purpose it is intended for.

Perfect. No one knies if tge money will teach the purpose it is intended for.

Only a few states have announced. Many are waiting to fall in line with the centre. Extension is inevitable as we all know. Kamal is continuing his puerile prattle. His letter to Modi was amply replied by Rangaraj Pande. Kamal has become an embarrassment to Tamils. Even after getting snubbed by Smriti Irani he is wagging his tail.

Can the rest of you c**k up your b**dy mouth if you don't have the fu**ing guts to ask the right question.

People critising Kamal hasan should at themselves in the mirror. He is absolutely spot on. Mr. Palasisamy shommuld have taken this call to extend lock down Sunday itself and need not be waiting for center to announce it since Tamil Nadu is the second affected state by Covid. BJP ruling karnataka has announced it already. What are we waiting for? It will help people to plan their expenditure for next 2 weeks in advance. They should look at the ground reality. By just sitting in chair covering face with mask, they are still unable to convey their decision wherein poor are literally struggling to ease their number stomach.

The tamilnadu citizens have voted for MrPalasisamy. People of tamilnadu always favoured based on Dravidian politics. Now wait and watch , how good is your leader in terms of decision making. Kamal Hassan should concentrate more on his films. He has never shared his viewpoints on what can be done or what great changes he would have made if he was the CM. Anyways I am not sure how much money he has donated for this cause or how much he has voluntarily involved on helping others. It's easy to point out fingers on your state CM and your country's PM. Just imagine their situation right nownin this crisis.

The basic necessary things like markets, grocery shops will available whether is it extended or not. No need to panic. So this not the biggest issue announcing earlier. People already settle down in that pattern. So they will manage it easily

Under the circumstances Edappadi is doing whatever he can

Can anybody communicate all the above comments to kamal so that he realisea how the general public rate him

Never thought kamal wd be so immature and irresponsible. CM wd announce taking into account the guidelines issued by the center, which is constitutionally higher authority for all the stat err . It is not like haripriya echoing her mastrr


Appa saami mudiyala...Kamal Sir konjam vaya moidikkitu onga velaya gavaninga. Naanga pathukirom

What u will see?ur own ppl dying?

This idiot can't give any worthwhile suggestions. He has to keep his stupid mouth shut

Did u first donate even a single rupee for the prime minsiter or chief Minister relief fund? A**hole u question the chief minsiter for ploitical reason, but wont spend even a rupee from ur pocket to help the poor in need, pls go and f**k ur pooja kumar.

He is Only for Talking . Can Anybody put Frog Bone to His Tongue ?, Which knows Jumping Only .

How much modi donated from his pocket and you yourself and his Dolund bhakat.

Paise ko kab use karega itna paisa jama hai ab tak but koi amount kaha use hua pata hai tereko jo bolta paisa diya kya tu diya kya aur ye government public se paise lene se acha apna budget aur public k problems k liye revenue kaise save rakhe ye sochna chahiye aur phele ki government ka kuch 400cr jama uska use kab hoga aur ab naya pm donate kyu banaya jab already pm account Mehmood tha aur naya wala to transparent bhi nahi hai for cr rupee dekar apna dosto ko india ke bahar baga denge ye tera pm

Experience speaks.

This fello is a darpok...of no use. Not even to any kumar. Not even to his own family and then forget poor. All his failed gimmicks.

Can you guarantee the donated sum goes appropriately?
Some don’t advertise.
Might be helping in other ways

Are you mad? why are you hiding your name?


B.T.W did you pay your taxes properly??

He is a honourable and original tax payer.

Absolutely correct question.

This person saying to pm lockdown was not a good option and to cm is saying for lockdown what is this show

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