Khushbu to Ramya Krishnan 5 heroines who were ‘quarantined’ in Tamil movies way before COVID 19

Here a list of Tamil heroines, who were quarantined in Kollywood movies for various reasons.
Khushbu to Ramya Krishnan 5 heroines who were ‘quarantined’ in Tamil movies way before COVID 19
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It would be fair to say that ours is the generation which saw most disasters and developments. We have seen earthquakes, tsunami, numerous floods across the country and we have got back on our toes in no time. Now, we are facing a pandemic, which has locked us up in our homes. While there is no doubt that this has to be taken seriously, there will be no harm if we light ourselves up from time to time. Here is our attempt to lighten up the situation with a list of Tamil heroines, who were quarantined in movies for various reasons.

1. Khushbu

Talking about heroines being locked up in a room, who can forget Khushbu crying in agony in the film Chinna Thambi? The film had Prabhu as the lead actor, who was a naïve rural hero, loved by everyone in his village. Khushbu, who played the role of a pampered child of a rich family, would fall for Prabhu after being impressed with his free spirit and innocence. As usual, this love does not go well with Khushbu’s brothers and they lock her up in a room. ‘Nee Enge En Anbe’ song, in which Khushbu would torture herself by walking on broken glass pieces and crying her heart out for not being allowed to meet her lover, was more like a trauma for the 90s kids.

2. Nagma

When it comes to torturing parents who do not approve of their children's love for a ‘wrong person’, Nagma was a savage. In the film Kadhalan, she would be locked up in an untidy place by her politician father, as he did not approve of her love for her classmate (played by Prabhudheva). Unlike other heroines who would either cry or kill themselves, Nagma gave her father the taste of his own medicine by escaping from her room and humiliating him in a public meeting. The unforgettable scene in this film is when she chewed and ate a live worm in front of her father to prove her love for Prabhudheva.

3. Sadha

Kollywood movie Jayam provided a huge platform for both Sadha and Ravi, so much so that Ravi became ‘Jayam’ Ravi ever since the movie released. This film did not have any ‘classic’ scenes where the heroine would be literally locked up. But Sadha’s father did not allow her to step out of the home after he came to know about her love for Ravi. As her father fixed up her marriage with his relative even when she was a little girl, he did not approve of her love for Ravi. However, like all other films, Jayam too, ended with them being together after a lengthy running-and-chasing drama.

4. Trisha

Ghilli, which had Thalapathy Vijay and Trisha in the lead roles, will remain in the must-watch list of Kollywood fans forever. In the film, Trisha, who was stalked by Prakash Raj, would flee her village with the help of Vijay and lock herself up at Vijay’s residence in Chennai, to keep herself safe from Prakash Raj. She would never step out of the home, in the fear of getting caught by the thug villain, who desperately wanted to marry her. However, when she did step out, she ended up getting caught and she was taken possession by Prakash Raj. Our hero then breaks all the odds and the film had a ‘happily ever after’ ending.

5. Ramya Krishnan

Ramya Krishnan is the actor who introduced the word quarantine to Kollywood audience way back in 1999. In the film Padayappa, which had Rajinikanth as the lead actor, she was shown as the main antagonist, who would be a narcissistic, arrogant woman. As Rajinikanth, whom she loved, was in love with another woman, she locked herself up in a room for 25 years, too ashamed to meet anyone. She would get out of her room only after 25 years with a plot to avenge Rajinikanth. However, she would end up losing her life and Rajinikanth would be shown moving on with his happy family.

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