Lift Movie Review: An engaging horror thriller that needs a strong writing

Updated on Oct 01, 2021 10:43 PM IST  |  98.9K
Lift Movie Review
Lift Movie Review: An engaging horror thriller that needs a strong writing

Title: Lift (Tamil)

Cast: Kavin and Amritha

Director: Vineeth Varaprasad

Rating: 2.5/5

Review by Bhavana Sharma

Guru (Kevin) an IT professional, is transferred to Chennai as the lead of a team. In the same organisation, he meets Harini (Amritha), a HR professional. With Harini, he shares a past that is not so great. Guru is one of the best employees in the company there. He is known for his dedication and so, stays overtime to complete a project summary for a client. A series of paranormal activities happen in the office that night and these activities do not allow him to leave the premises of the office. In this film, the lift plays the entire horror element. It acts on its own and scares Guru to death. After some time, he finds that Harini is also stuck on the same floor and is unable to get out of the premises for some unknown reason. The rest of the film answers the reason behind these horrific incidents and whether they find their way out or not.

Lift might seem interesting for those who have never experienced any kind of paranormal stuff. The plot, otherwise, has nothing great to watch and might make it hard for the viewers to connect with the incidents that keep happening throughout the film and with the victims who are trapped as well.

The story of the film is quite impactful on the audiences. But the actual plot and the reason behind the entire paranormal activity is revealed only in the end and that kind of fails in solving the purpose of the entire film. In a horror film, to keep the audiences interested, some reasons behind the activity should always be shown right in the beginning of the film in order to keep up the thrill. This flick will make the audiences wonder how the spirit managed to have control over the premises so easily.

Kavin will win your heart with her performance. He has made a promising comeback and as someone who is scared due to the paranormal activity, throughout the entire flick, he has done a great job. Amrita has performed well and has been a good support to the protagonist.

The film is directed by Vineeth Varaprasad and the idea behind the story is to show the stress and struggle IT employees go through. The film, on the whole, looks fine but it could have been a lot better when it comes to writing and screenplay as well.


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