Mohanlal: Check out the 10 classic movies of Lalettan you should't miss

Though it is next to impossible to narrow down the best movies of Lalettan to just ten, here’s our attempt to present to you, the ten best movies of Mohanlal.
Mohanlal: Check out the 10 classic movies of Lalettan you should't miss
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Mohanlal is one of the ‘complete actors’ in the history of Indian cinema. He has been working since more than four decades. Be it in Kireedam where he is forced to become a gangster to save his father; in Gandhi Nagar Second Street, where he pulls off being a Nepali watchman to get over his joblessness, or Padamudra, as a Papad seller who gets his lust get the better of him, Mohanlal has starred in many phenomenal films. 

1 Thanmathra

If one misses Thanmathra in the list of best Mohanlal movie, it simply means that one is not good enough to watch any movies. Yes, we said it - any movies at all. The film stands out in every aspect. Be it cast performances or direction or anything for that matter, Thanmathra is simply perfect.

Starring Mohanlal, Meera Vasudevan, Arjun Lal in lead roles, the film was helmed by Blessy. Ramesan Nair (Mohanlal) is an honest man whose only dream is to have a happy life with his wife and a bright future for his children. The happy-nest family is devastated when they realise that Ramesan is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. The movie revolves around the struggles faced by the family while trying to cope up with the trauma, insecurity and uncertainty.

2 Vanaprastham

Directed by Shaji N Karun and produced by Mohanlal, Vanaprastham is considered as the best movie of Mohanlal till date. Mohanlal played a Kathakali artist Kunjikuttan. The movie narrates an illicit relationship between Mohanlal and a young woman from a caste Hindu family. The movie narrates the hardships that Mohanlal faces when the mother of his child refuses to let him see their child. Mohanlal received his second National Award for his outstanding performance in the movie.

3 Spadikam

Released in March 1995, Spadikam was directed by Baradhan. It will only be fair to say that the movie will remain close to Mollywood lovers. The movie is about a rebel son Thomas (Mohanlal), who runs away from his home after getting tired of his father’s firm attitude. He comes back to his home as a quarry owner and gangster.

Here’s a tidbit about the movie - In a recent interview with The Times of India, Mohanlal said that the movie will get a re-release in 2020 after being digitally mastered.

4 Baratham

Released in March 1991, this is one of the must-watch movies of the Malayalam star. This movie will strike a chord of K Balachandar’s Tamil movie, Sindhu Bhairavi – it’s about the story of a singer who turns an alcoholic and his efforts to get back to gaining the family’s reigns.

Mohanlal plays the role of Kalliyur Gopinathan, who rises up to become a successful Carnatic singer. His elder brother Kalliyur Raman (Nedumudi Venu) mentors Gopi in singing. However, the situation takes a topsy-turvy when Raman becomes an alcoholic. The movie narrates the struggles the family faces to make Raman achieve sobriety. Directed by Sibi Mayali, the movie had Urvasi and Lakshmi as the female leads.

5 Kireedam

If there’s one classic film that beautifully narrates the relationship of a father-son duo, it is undoubtedly Kireedam. Directed by Sibi Malayil, the movie had Mohanlal, Thilakan, Mamukkoya, Kaviyoor Ponnamma in lead roles.

The story is about an extremely ambitious young man, who becomes a murderer while shattering his father’s dreams of seeing his son as a police inspector. More than the story’s plot, few small but touching scenes of the father-son, and the movie’s heart-breaking climax will almost make us forget that we are just watching an onscreen drama. 

With Kireedam, Mohanlal’s national fame increased as he missed National Award for Best Actor in a close cut. However, he was awarded with a Special Jury Award.

6 Drishyam

Directed by Jeethu Joseph, Drishyam is about the story of a humble small-time cable TV operator and a movie buff, whose life takes an unexpected turn after his daughter faces a startling situation. When Mohanlal’s wife (played by Meena), commits a murder in a fit of rage while trying to save her daughter, he takes the lead in disposing the body. Anyone would get chills down the spine while watching the police interrogation scenes. The movie was remade as ‘Papanasam’ in Tamil, and in Hindi, it was remade and released as ‘Drishyam’.

7 Dasharatham

Released in 1989, the movie broke the stereotypes and spoke about surrogate pregnancy. Dasharatham revolves around Rajiv Menon (Mohanlal) who is born and brought-up in an affluent family. Rajiv was an aimless alcoholic, until he was introduced to a small happy family. He gets attached to the children in the family and decides to have children of his own. However, does not want to get married nor does he want to adopt a baby.

He opts to get a surrogate mother who eventually accepts to give birth to his child. However, confusion occurs when the mother gets emotionally attached to the baby. The movie later narrates how they find solutions to complications they both face in upbringing the child.

8 Pranayam

This movie is another version of a soulful love story with its own variant and mix of romance and drama. It goes without saying that the combination of fabulous stars of Indian cinema - Mohanlal, Anupam Kher and Jayapradha took the on-screen chemistry to another level.

The movie narrates different aspects of love. It shows love after marriage and love from the point of view of various people. In one line, the movie effectively delivered the message – no matter where you are in life, the only thing that remains unchanged is pure love.

9 Thuvana Thumbigal

Thoovanathumbikal is a 1987 romantic drama, written and directed by P. Padmarajan. The movie is partly based partly on his own novel Udakappola. It narrates the story of Jayakrishnan (Mohanlal) who has contrasting duel lives- one with his friends and one at his house. He falls for two women Radha - his distant relative and Clara Sumalatha - a companion in town.

The movie goes on as Jayakrishnan explores his love life, the difficulty that he faces to choose his life partner and climax is about who he finally ends up with.

10 Iruvar

Directed by Maniratnam, the Kollywood movie was recognized and appreciated by critics across the country. The film basically narrates the rise of two powerful political leaders in Tamil Nadu, who would later rule the state till the end of their time. The film received a handful of awards including a National Film Award in 1997.

The film had legendary actors including Mohanlal, Prakash Raj, Tabu, Nassar, Revathi, Gautami and Aishwarya Rai (Iruvar was her debut movie) in the lead roles. While Prakash Raj narrated DMK supremo M Karunanidhi, Mohanlal narrated how AIADMK founder MG Ramachandran won the hearts of people with his humble and simple approach.


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