Namrata Shirodkar slams fan over his depression comment

Former beauty queen Namrata Shirodkar didn't take a social media user's "depression" comment lightly. The former actress, who fearlessly sports a no make-up look most of the time, slammed the troll in style.
Namrata Shirodkar slams fan over his depression commentNamrata Shirodkar slams fan over his depression comment
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 Former beauty queen Namrata Shirodkar didn't take a social media user's "depression" comment lightly. The former actress, who fearlessly sports a no make-up look most of the time, slammed the troll in style.

The "Pukar" actress is in a mood to celebrate as her husband and actor Mahesh Babu's latest film "Maharshi" is winning hearts. On Friday, she posted a series of photographs featuring her, Mahesh and her sister Shilpa, among others, on Instagram.

In the comments section, one user asked why she doesn't put some make-up on and is she suffering from depression. 

Namrata replied to him saying: "You might love women with make-up. Maybe you should follow someone who is always made up and suits your criteria! You are not going to find it on this page!! So maybe you should get off it... sincere request."

Meanwhile, Mahesh called the Telugu action drama "Maharshi", his 25th film, special because it is unlike any movie he has done in his career so far. 


Around the time of her son's birth she had walked out and moved to mumbai. She has spoken about it too. Its certainly not rosy for her or any star wife.

She got so defensive. even my sister feels she is depressed. She is giving those vibes. If she is not, good to know that.

What is wrong in posting without makeup? She has already retired from acting and taken on the sahm role. Nothing wrong with it as long as she is ok. She may not feel the need to put on loads of makeup anymore. Priorities in life change, People. One can't keep acting like they are 20 all the time. Some idiot users need to get a life and stay off commenting on instagram for their own good. It is only exposing what a shallow and unhappy life they are leading. Good on Namrata to reply, firmly but politely..

It must be taking a toll on her or any other wife who’s husband is way better in terms of looks and keep hearing constant comments that her husband is so good looking while she knows she isn’t as good is not easy. This is the flip-side of being married to a very handsome guy who also happens to be hugely successful!

Namrata was a beauty queen and a true beauty she doesn’t need to be jealous of anyone in the looks department. She’s married to a man who told her to quit working and take care of him and the children. She did it and it probably worked and now it’s finally taken a toll on her. I mean how many holidays can you go on? And on top her life is all about her husband and children. She doesn’t do anything for herself by the looks of it.

Looks doesn't matter as long as one witnesses the person's heart!

Those people who consider 'looks' at the first place must surely, hate other species lacking in good looks. If not then, why human looks matter to them?

To comment on somebody's look is totally offensive!

"Humari maa ki agar shaql kharab hai to usko hum puchege nahi? Esey hi vo bhi family member hain kisi ki, jab unko koi issue nahi to hum kon hotey hain tippni krney waley?"

Sabse zaruri baat ye hai ki looks par vo martey hain jinkey dimaag me SHAQL ke siva manushya ki pehchan nahi!

Finally, someone had the balls to say it! The only reason she reacted is because people have probably started noticing she looks quite vacant and low in the pictures. If anyone has doubts they need to go and visit her Instagram account there is one picture where she has glasses on and you can clearly see she looks quite upset. She still uploaded the picture. I don’t believe she lives a fairy tale life as people believe she does. She has children and now married to a very powerful man so puts up with it. He seems quite controlling.

Pitfalls of being on social media. People judge you and sometimes they are right. Girl just smile away that sadness from your eyes. Namrata you are one pretty girl. Stay happy.

It’s about time men stop telling women to smile more or apply makeup or whatever...women will do or present themselves exactly as they feel fine to

If depression had a face that would be it.

It’s good that she’s showing her real self without makeup, I like that instead of being plastic all the time

Not her or her husband's fan but I loved what she said... Way to go.

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