Oka Chinna Family Story Review: A watchable mother son story where humour throws mixed results

Updated on Nov 19, 2021 10:57 PM IST  |  180.7K
Oka Chinna Family Story review
Oka Chinna Family Story Review: A watchable mother son story where humour throws mixed results

Title: Oka Chinna Family Story (web series)

Cast: Sangeeth Shoban, Tulasi, and others

Director: Mahesh Uppala

Streaming on: ZEE5

Rating: 2.5/5

The web series under review could have become a semi-crime comedy in the hands of Nelson Dhilipkumar. In the hands of writers Mahesh Uppala (also the director of the 5-episode series) and Manasa Sharma, it ascends into a coming-of-age family drama in the final portions. It's an atypical storyline where a mother and her irresponsible son evolve as they face new situations and confront the myths they have been living with. 

While the premise of 'Oka Chinna Family Story' is delicious, the story as such is not as engrossing. It's because the writers inject convenient tropes after a point, rendering the middle portions either simplistic or redundant or both. The humour in even the second episode is somewhat odd, with those who are supposed to paint the proceedings with a touch of poignancy playing out meme-y comedy for some unlikely laughs. And it's not like 'OCFS' has the depth to be a dark comedy. No!   

Mahesh (played by a brilliant Sangeeth Shoban) is shocked that his late father Haridas (VK Naresh) has left behind a loan of Rs 25 lakh. A jobless Mahesh and his naive mother (Tulasi, who is shockingly restrained and is effective in a hilarious role) have to get their act together if they have to pay the EMIs promptly. When the going gets tough, Mahesh ingeniously lands a job in the hope of honouring the EMIs. But there is more to the plot than this.

The third and fourth episodes are somewhat escapist, with a mediocre love track (between Mahesh and his neighbour Keerthi, who is played by a seemingly disinterested Simran Shetty) tossing around lame ideas. There is this done-to-death trope of a mean-minded suitor outraging Keerthi, who now starts enjoying the problematic ideas Mahesh has been deploying in wooing her. 


The final episode is where 'OCFS' redeems itself and even here, it's only the last 20 minutes that are well-rounded. The dialogues are weighty enough in these portions to keep us invested in Mahesh and her mother. The series doesn't become as feel-good as it's feared to be after the death of the father is treated in an unsettling fashion. 

The casting is impressive, barring that of 'Get-up' Srinu, whose demeanour looks borrowed. Prameela Rani, as the grandma at the home, is subtle. VK Naresh is superb and it would have been sensible had his scenes in the first episode been narrated as a flashback. The montage songs are decent for a web series, while the cinematography is adequate. The story unfolds in the backdrop of Warangal; the small-town backdrop is well done. 



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