Pinkvilla Picks: 5 reasons to watch Rajiv Menon’s Kandukodain Kandukodain starring Aishwarya Rai and Tabu

From the placement of frames to colour schemes, here are five reasons one should not miss Rajiv Menon's Kandukondain Kandukondain
Pinkvilla Picks: 5 reasons to watch Rajiv Menon’s Kandukodain Kandukodain starring Aishwarya Rai and TabuPinkvilla Picks: 5 reasons to watch Rajiv Menon’s Kandukodain Kandukodain starring Aishwarya Rai and Tabu
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There are n number of films from the past that we have loved in those days, but not all films can be watched with the same amusement when we watch them now. Rajiv Menon’s Kandukodain Kandukondain is one such film that has aged like a fine wine. Even in the year 2020, it can be said without thinking twice that the film will have more fans. With its flawless script and beautiful story, the film shows the raw talent of Rajiv. 

Kandukondain Kandukondain had ace writer Sujatha penning the dialogues, while AR Rahman composed music. Ravi K Chandran cranked the camera. With an ensemble of star cast including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Tabu, Ajith, Mammootty, Abbas and Srividya, the film was reportedly inspired by Jane Austen’s novel Sense and Sensibility. The feel-good family drama has all aspects from romance to humor rightly added. After watching Kandukodain Kandukondain, one would get a sense of freshness. Here are five reasons to not miss the film.3

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1. Colour scheme

Very rarely, Tamil films follow a colour scheme. In this film, costumes of the actors have represented their characterisation. Meenakshi (Aishwarya Rai) was often seen in colours like blue and green throughout the film and it represented how she was in her own fantasy world. Soumya (Tabu) was often seen in warm colours like red and orange, which deeply explained how she is someone who believed in being practical.

It also followed a uniform colour scheme. When Meenakshi first met her prince charming Srikanth (Abbas), she was in a blue costume, and it was the exact same colour of her costume when she found out that he was going to get married to someone else. Soumya, on the other hand, wore orange coloured attire when she first met Manohar (Ajith Kumar) and during the climax when they both reunited.

2. Frame placements

Each and every frame in the film is aesthetically fulfilling. The spellbound skill of the director of photography would make one wonder what magic portion he added to make each and every frame look beautiful. The film has also followed a pattern for frames. For example, when Soumya first met Manohar, her house door gave a picturesque feel and the same pattern was followed when she revealed to him about her abroad plans. The frame placement is similar when Manohar fell in love with Soumya, and when they both reunited in the climax. Take a look at the photo below and see the similarities for yourself.

3. Feministic film

Whoever watches the film will accept wholeheartedly that there is no film during that time which could be more feministic than Kandukodain Kandukondain. The women characters in the film are independent in their unique ways. Soumya, Meenakshi and their mother (Srividya) took a lead in their lives without the need of a man to guide them on anything. When the family started experiencing difficulties one after the other, and when they were finally able to stand up all by themselves, they had no hero to ‘save’ them even though the film had mass hero Ajith and megastar Mammootty. Even the men in the film were so respectful of the women in their lives. Be it Captain Bala (Mammootty) who respected Meenakshi’s choice and gracefully helped her or Srikanth who did not take advantage of the innocent girl with his charm, and Soumya’s boss (Raghuvaran) who recognised her hard work and helped a woman employee in need, all the men in the film deserve a standing ovation.

4. Change of characterisation

Meenakshi, who was shown as someone who enjoys literature and someone who believed in the concept of prince charming, realised at the end that life is not all about poems. She understood that fiction and real life are different and she learned to find beauty in practicality. Soumya, who was basically a very adjusting person with no dreamy fantasies about her future husband, actually ended up with Manohar who beat all the odds just to marry her.

5. AR Rahman’s magic

All the five songs in the film can silently speak out your feelings. The song album has brought out the best in the combination of Vairamuthu and AR Rahman. While Enge Enadhu Kavidhai and Enna Sollapogirai will squeeze out every drop of your emotion, the song Kandukodain Kandukondain will make your fantasies grow as much as Meenakshi and Srikanth’s. On the other hand, the song Smiyai Smiyai is a foot tapping peppy number with deep meanings in lyrics.

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Let us know in comments section below what you think about the film.

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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Aishwarya was so b***n and ugly

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

i like this movie only for ajit

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Okay, I gonna watch it and the sole reason is tabu ❤️ don't need any other reason

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

A quality movie with great stars... magical cinemautography and music. Best direction. Genuine acting of all of the actors... a super combo.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Beautiful film.wounderful casting.full of grace in all department.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Now this is one Pinkvilla movie recommendation that I can get behind. A wonderful contemporary, indian adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility". Lovely songs and performances make it more enjoyable.PV, pls post.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Wow Aishwarya was so gorgeous & lovely in this movie.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

All time favourite ❤️ movie

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

A movie you can keep watching over and over again! Mamukka rocks and so do the others.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Tabu was the selling point of the movie

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

One of Aishwraya's best films and performance.

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