Pinkvilla Picks: Parvathy’s Uyare is a must watch film on acid attack for a dose of courage

Parvathy starrer Uyare is high and uplifting and it will make you fight hard to find a ray of hope even during difficult times.
Pinkvilla Picks: Parvathy’s Uyare is a must watch film on acid attack for a dose of courage
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There are many chances for you to be familiar with a woman like Pallavi Raveendran. She is a cheerful woman full of hopes and she is someone who has a vision clear as the crystal. However, she has an imperfection too. She is someone who is being around a man with an unexplainable devotion. She fears the man and she is constantly made to feel guilty even for choosing a career path. Played by Parvathy Thiruvothu, the film is high on emotions. There are so many cues one can take from this film.

With the trailer and the first look posters, one would have imagined that the film will be about acid attack. But it’s more than that. The film is about a woman who carefully picks up the shattered pieces of herself and puts everything in its place after the attack. This film is about survival after the attack and life after an acid attack. Coming back to the film, Pallavi’s boyfriend Govind is an emotional bully and a control freak who would go to any extent to make one feel guilty for even breathing. When his girlfriend has greater ambitions and migrates to another city to pursue her dreams, he wouldn’t let her do that. When she finally realized being with him was doing more damage, he throws acid on her, thereby affecting her vision and shattering her childhood dream of becoming a pilot.

Directed by Manu Ashokab, Uyare was written by a critically acclaimed team of Bobby and Sanjay. Their empathy for women shimmers and shines starting from beginning to the end of this heart wrenching yet uplifting film. While the basic story has all the potential to portray an acid attack survivor as a helpless poor human, they took the other way and narrated how there is life after everything - Even after one gets attacked with acid by someone they loved so dearly.

About the film’s casting, Tovino Thomas was shown as a charming affluent youth, trying to fight for his own identity. In the film, he was shown as someone who is having a silent battle with his successful father for his ideas and thoughts to be recognized. He does not annoy us with his neediness and immaturity but we would rather find him cute and charming. Asif Ali, who played Pallavi’s lover Govind, convinced us as a control freak. For his role, he could have easily overacted and tried to take the limelight. But he only gave what was right and breathed life into Govind.

With her phenomenal performance as Pallavi, Parvathy took us to the edge of our seats though we would have guessed what would happen next. On the whole, Uyare is an uplifting tale of an acid attack survivor, who fights teeth and nails to get justice served. The film will make you fight hard to find a ray of hope even during difficult times.

Anonymous 10 months ago

I am not malayalee but i watched it with subtitles. She was great and the movie had an impacted even though it did not have the budget of chaapak (which i have not scene, but heard the prosthetics were good)

Anonymous 10 months ago

saw this movie with subtitles some time ago. parvathy is a fantastic actress for sure. then saw a bit of chapaak on youtube yesterday which was substandard. only been watching regional movies rather than the crap that comes from bollywood. i recommend bangalore days, kumbalangi nights, and many others that are available on netflix, amazon. Go for it guys, worth your time even if using subtitles

Anonymous 10 months ago

Excellent movie . This is the movie Chapak wanted to be but couldn’t. Parvathy you are a star, you are pitch perfect in this movie.