Pinkvilla Picks: Vetri Maaran’s Asuran is a tight slap to casteism with Dhanush & Manju Warrier’s intense act

Like every week, we are back with our pick of movie from the South that one should not miss to watch.
Pinkvilla Picks: Vetri Maaran’s Asuran is a tight slap to casteism with Dhanush & Manju Warrier’s intense actPinkvilla Picks: Vetri Maaran’s Asuran is a tight slap to casteism with Dhanush & Manju Warrier’s intense act

Asuran, which means a demon in Tamil, is a story that narrates how casteism causes a deep impact on people. The film does proper justice to the Tamil novel Vekkai by Poomani, from which it has been adapted. The film also marked the reunion of superhit combo of director Vetri Maaran and Dhanush. It has Manju Warrier playing Dhanush’s fearless and badass wife and she owned the role like a boss. Asuran turned out to be yet another feather to Manju’s cap.

The film also shows the auteur in Vetri Maaran as his craft and storytelling has taken a different approach. It is marked by an outstanding performance of all cast members. Dhanush is seen in three different avatars in the film: An angry young man, a forgiving middle aged father and an aggressive uncontrollable man in his early 50s. Dhanush has made sure that the character development happened in a paced manner and we would find justice in his transitions.

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While being the most violent film in the recent times, Asuran will make us clutch our fists tight with fear, anger and astonishment. We don’t know what magic spell did Vetri Maaran cast on the characters that the film’s story would be seen in the point of views of all the main characters. Starting from Dhanush’s younger son with revenge thrust to Manju Warrier’s greatest loss. GV Prakash Kumar’s music deserves a special mention as the music would take us through the film like a catamaran ride on a calm river.

The blood-soaked revenge drama is set in Tamil Nadu’s Kovilpatti in the 1980s. Sivasamy (played by Dhanush), is from a lower-caste family and he is a marginal farmer. He leads a peaceful life, along with his aggressive wife Pachaiyamma (Manju Warrier). They have three children and their sons - a 20-year-old Murugan (Teejay) and a 16-year-old Chidambaram (Ken) are rebels. Their peaceful and happy family life takes a toppy-turvy when a rich landlord, belonging to a caste Hindu family, Narasimhan (Aadukalam Naren) tries to acquire their farmland in order to build a cement factory.

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Dhanush, who has learned in his young age about the value of a land and the importance of being an owner of a land, would not sell his land even after being offered more than its value. When Narasimhan and his family humiliates Dhanush and his family, his sons take things to their hands. His elder son takes the upper hand and he humiliates Narasimhan in every possible way. Triggered with this act of Murugan, Narasimhan would get Murugan killed in an ugliest manner. As the family tries to move on from this huge loss, Chidambaram would avenge his brother’s death and kill Narasimhan.

What follows, and how Dhanush saves his family from more danger is the film’s climax. Meanwhile, we are also shown how Dhanush's character was in his younger age. Kilvenmani massacre that occurred in 1968, will be narrated as Sivasamy’s own encounter. The film ends on a brilliant note, with Dhanush telling his son the importance of being educated.

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Anonymous 1 week ago

Dhanush Sir and Manju Ma'am and Vetri Sir with all other co actors. I have seen this movie so many times it gives impact that casteism in our society is an Asuran it should be removed totally . Education and awareness is necessary in our today society. The real india is too far away from the development and educational motives. Vetri Sir. I salute you through ur movies people should be aware d more and more and do their best to the needy and not hatered.

Anonymous 1 week ago

How good education helps to see reason & seek justice thro' all means for injustices heaped on innocent farmers is the moral of the movie very effectively told on the screen.Hats off to Vetrimaran.

Anonymous 1 week ago

It's not dalit farmers

Anonymous 1 week ago

I am from ongole,ap I watched asuran movie based on novel wrote by real incidents happened in tn.excellant direction by vetri sir ,told the importance of education in cinema ,derived from the thoughtsof ambedkar particularly self respect shown in the character of Danush son ...whenever we shown self respect, the agravarnas didn't tolerate as shown in the film .really what happened in the our prakasam dt in ap the massacre happened in 1985 ,the village of hero venkatesh ,karamchedu near chirala.thing is he is playing the character of lower caste ...

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Yes I watched it twice, a very brilliant and very moving storytelling, each and every character in the film have done justice to the given work, the song I should make a mention, " yellu Vaya pookalaye " by saindhavi, takes us to the agony, the characters going through in the movie, and the way Dhanush character longs to protect his family is definitely commendable, tharoughly enjoyed. A huge applause for the entire team " Well done team, looking for more in the future"

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

It’s a gud movie waiting for a movie to b made on The demerits of reservation or the issues due to caste based reservation system..

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Dhanush sir . You r the best actor and also seems to be best and kind human being in film industry of all time

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

This was a fantastic movie, watched it twice, and I don't even speak the language. Then did a search for vetri maaran, and saw vada chennai which was brilliant as well. Regional cinema is far better than bollywood.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Yes they make meaningful stuff Bollywood now is full of gay flicks or extra marital flings credit kjo aunty.. and Adi the totally lost chopra.there it ends.

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