Prakash Raj resigns from MAA after 21 years; Says pained over being called outsider

Updated on Oct 12, 2021 02:12 AM IST  |  60K
Prakash Raj resigns from MAA after 21 years
Prakash Raj resigns from MAA after 21 years; Says pained over being called outsider

Prakash Raj, who campaigned for presidential post for MAA, had been deafeated at a great margin by Vishnu Manchu. The acclaimed actor resigned as a member from MAA after 21 years. Pained over regionalism and being called as outsider, Prakash Raj announced his resignation from Tollywood’s apex industry body.

In a press meet held on Monday in Hyderabad, Prakash Raj said, "But today, these elections that took place, were based on regionalism, nationalism, and my nativity. They have started a slogan of ‘the bylaws should be changed; a person who is not a native Telugu should vote, but should not contest.’ You have also said that you would change the bylaws if elected. What should I do? My parents are not Telugu people, and that’s not my mistake nor theirs. As a person who had led an association, (you) wanted to have only Telugu people. Members have accepted it, and they have elected a good Telugu son. Good, I have to accept that. But as an artist, I have self-respect. Because of that, I am resigning my MAA membership.”

He further added that, "I will continue doing movies. The relationship I have with the directors, writers, producers will continue. But in the upcoming days, if someone asks me to stay as a guest in an association, I should not be a member of that association, right? Because that is what you have said. I will welcome it. Senior actors Mohan Babu, Kota Srinivas Rao, fellow artiste Ravi Babu have spoken out openly that one who comes as a guest should stay as a guest."

Vishnu Manchu shared a screenshot of his and Prakash conversation on Twitter and wrote, "For the future. We are one. Always." Vishnu Manchu said that he is not happy with Prakash Raj's resignation decision and asked him not get emotional as winning and losing are part of coin. He always conveyed his love  and respect to the Prakash Raj. 


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It is to be noted that Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan's brother Naga Babu also resigned as member from MAA this morning.


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