Prithviraj’s Aadujeevitham: Director Blessy had a hand injury when the team was stranded in Jordan

Director Blessy had sustained a hand injury when he was stranded in Jordan along with the Aadujeevitham team.
Prithviraj’s Aadujeevitham Director Blessy had a hand injury when the team was stranded in Jordan
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After the team members of Aadujeevitham returned to Kerala from Jordan on a special flight last week, the news took over the internet. As soon as they came back to Kerala, the film’s director Blessy returned to his hometown in Thiruvalla where he observed self quarantine. Now, according to The Times Of India, the director had sustained a hand injury while on the sets in Jordan. As it was difficult to meet a doctor during the lockdown, they went to a military hospital for treatment.

Due to the ongoing pandemic COVID 19, a lockdown was imposed in Jordan on March 16, and since then the team was stranded there. Initially, the team received permission from the government of Jordan to continue shooting. However, it was later revoked by the end of March. It is being reported that the team still has some portions to finish there. It was revealed by the director earlier that the team had actors from Oman, UAE and the US. Now all of them have reached their respective countries where they are being quarantined.

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Meanwhile, as soon as the team completed the immigration and COVID 19 testing formalities, Prithviraj Sukumaran headed to a paid quarantine facility to observe self isolation for seven days. He returned to his residence to follow quarantine for seven more days from his home. Reportedly, other cast and crew members in the team were also in self isolation in paid quarantine facilities and government-sponsored ones for a fortnight.

Anonymous 10 months ago

I really apprecite this actor and his team going on quarantine . they are setting a good example unlike some foreign returned one s who throw their weight around expecting special treatment .