Pushpaka Vimanam Movie Review: A half baked medley that fails to thrill or elicit laughs

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Pushpaka Vimanam Review
Pushpaka Vimanam Movie Review: A half baked medley that fails to thrill or elicit laughs

Title: Pushpaka Vimanam

Pushpaka Vimanam Cast: Anand Deverakonda, Sunil and others

Pushpaka Vimanam Director: Damodara

Pushpaka Vimanam Run-Time: 147 minutes

Movie Rating: 2/5 

In 'Pushpaka Vimanam', the theme of Sundar's embarrassment is overplayed and overstated. Sundar, a government school teacher, was married recently. His wife Meenakshi runs away, supposedly with a good-looking, urbane guy she has been in love with. The poor husband is perennially ashamed, so much so, he is more worried about what his neighbours/colleagues might think of him if they find out about his wife's elopement than to figure out where his wife has gone. This is among the weakest ideas that this pseudo-comedy thriller bombards us with. 

By and by, 'Pushpaka Vimanam' metamorphoses into a shallow, outmoded murder mystery where the investigating cop (played by a clueless Sunil straining to look supercilious) makes his insensitivity too obvious. He was supposed to look excessively suspicious, but he ends up behaving like an over-the-top, unforgiving cop whose intentions, right off the bat, we suspect are ulterior.

Written and directed by debutant Damodara, what ails this film is not only fundamental but also comprehensive. Not getting the jokes right is not the core problem here. It's the fact that the jokes are one-note. Anand Deverakonda's Sundar is unidimensional, with his discomfiture barely helping us empathize with his plight. 


The second half needed at least fifteen minutes of a nail-biting screenplay for the drama to redeem itself to an extent. But the film is content with playing out tropes (creepy lover, etc.) and stock characters (Sundar is cartoonish whose gaffes have to be seen as emerging from his supposedly cute nature). 

Mark K Robin's background music is sure-footed in a few moments in the second half. In the comedy scenes, though, it is distracting. The songs have been composed by four different composers and they make an impact without hindering the flow. Hestin Jose Joseph's cinematographer passes muster.

Anand Deverakonda tries to salvage a jaded character with his timing. Saanve Megghana, who plays a passionate acting aspirant, is set to become a sought-after artist. Geeth Saini, as the wife, is just about ok. Harsha Vardhan, as a failed musician, plays the role of a nosy neighbour. VK Naresh, as the headmaster of the school where Sundar works, is hardly funny. 'Pushpaka Vimanam' features a roster of comedians (Bhadram, Sudarshan, Viva Harsha and Kireeti Damaraju) in cameo roles. 

In summation, the film makes a vain attempt at keeping the audience in splits while telling a half-baked murder mystery. With weak scenes enfeebling the characters, there is nothing much to enjoy. 


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