R Madhavan's THESE 5 savage replies on Twitter prove he is a hero of comebacks

Updated on Jul 29, 2021 01:56 PM IST  |  133.4K
R Madhavan's THESE 5 savage replies on Twitter prove he is a hero of comebacks

There is no denying celebrities mesmerize us with their powerful roles in films, with public appearances, and their fashion choices. They are always in the limelight and are equally an inspiration to many. However, a lot of times, these celebs have to pay for their popularity and become victims to online trolls, either for their photos or comments. Celebs are targeted on social media, however, they have their own way of reacting. Ignorance is bliss but R Madhavan is one of a few actors who never shies away from addressing messages about him on Twitter or confronting Internet trolls. He is known for handling it gracefully! Here's a look at how 5 times R Madhavan won millions of hearts with his savage reply. 

Shuts the Internet troll like a champ!

One of his fans commented on his then to now look and asked "what product or procedure you used to lighten your skin?" To this, Maddy politely replied: "I never believed in wanting to NOT be who I am- nor felt apologetic for looking the way I did. You shouldn’t either bro..Just look and be hygienic .. most attractive way to look ... I tan easily when I play golf-that is all there is to it." 

A subtle epic response!

In January 2020 last year, Maharashtra Police shared a poster from R Madhavan's 2008 hit film 3 Idiots to spread awareness on road safety and to warn against riding triple seat and without helmet.  Agreeing to Maharashtra Police on road safety, the actor replied with a photo of him riding a two-wheeler wearing a helmet and wrote, "I agree WHOLE Heartedly.."

Winning hearts and how!

R Madhavan was criticised for his performance in the film Maara. One of the Twitter users wrote, "Seriously a below average movie and for people who have already watched Charlie, it's just a pain to watch this movie after first 30mins. Seriously Maddy was the show spoiler in this movie. Such a sad and depressing character." To this Madhavan had a very polite reply. 

Madhavan replied, "Oops . Sorry to disappoint you bro. Will try and do better the next time." 

He is a charmer! 

As we all know, R Madhavan enjoys an immense fan following. Female fans go gaga over him and often express their love for Maddy on Twitter. One of his female fans confessed having crush on him for over two decades. The actor then exclaimed "Yepaaa," while responding and added a few laughter emoticons including a red heart. 

R Madhavan's savage reply!

The actor had shared a video of how a religious rally made way for an ambulance. However, a few users on Twitter heavily trolled R Madhavan on it. The Nishabdam actor decided to respond to one of the trolls and asked him to get well soon. He replied, "Bro the goodness in this video and the greatness our are people cannot make sense to you in LA.  No point in trying to explain to you either as is nothing positive or nice about any of your tweets you poor poor hurt soul. You are such a gooner...Get well soon bud .."