Rajinikanth to Thalapathy Vijay: 10 Kollywood actors and their favourite food items

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Rajinikanth to Thalapathy Vijay 10 Kollywood actors and their favourite food items

As much as we all love to know the details of celebrities' dating lives, and little tidbits about them, there's one thing that we all want to know about celebrities above everything else: What are their favourite food items? We all know that almost all actors stick on to a rigid diet plan to maintain their looks, but they also have foods that they can't say no to. So what food items do the top south stars will not give up on? Form Curd Rice to Biryani, check out what top stars of the south like the most. We are here to tell you all about it.

1. Vijay

Thalapathy Vijay is one of the top stars of Kollywood. While the actor’s huge fan base is famous across Tamil Nadu, he is a huge fan of Dosa and Chicken Curry. Indeed Vijay has a good taste when it comes to selecting food. The very thought of munching on a crispy dosa with some spicy Chicken Curry is making us drool, isn’t it?

2. Rajinikanth

Thalaivar Rajinikanth is well known for his love towards veg cuisine. But who would have thought that his most favourite food item is Mutton and Chicken Curry? Next time when you have a cheat day while eating Mutton or Chicken Curry, do it without guilt. After all, it’s Thalaivar’s favourite food and you will get more Rajinified!

3. Suriya

Like a ‘Chamathu Tamil boy’, Kollywood actor Suriya’s favourite food is nothing but Tamil Nadu’s famous Curd Rice. It looks like the actor’s simplicity is not just about his public appearances. He also likes Dosa for breakfast. This pretty much sums up that the actor is just like anyone in Tamil Nadu and this makes us love Suriya even more.

4. Karthi

Just like his brother, Karthi also likes anything and everything south Indian. Starting from Sambar Vada to Idli chutney, Karthi has interest for everything that is South Indian, when it comes to food. Next time when you gulp down a full course meal in a wedding, just remember how much Karthi would have enjoyed had he been there.

5. Jyothika

You would happily welcome Jyothika to the club if you come to know what her favourite food is. It’s nothing but the heaven-sent Chicken Biryani. She is picky about that too, as she prefers Hyderabad Biryani over the others. However, she would not say no to our very own Ambur or Chettinad Biryani.

6. Dhanush

Looks like many celebrities in Tamil Nadu have a serious fandom for simple Tamil Nadu cuisine. Asuran actor Dhanush is yet another top celebrity who loves Tamil cuisine. Starting from Kara Kuzhambu to Dosa Sambar, Dhanush has eyes only for authentic Tamil cuisine.

7. Kamal Haasan

During various occasions, Kamal Haasan has expressed his love for meat. When it comes to food, Kamal is like ‘Aranmanai Kili Raj Kiran’, for he is a foodie. He has openly said during several occasions that he loves Chicken and Mutton Curry. During one of the episodes of Bigg Boss Tamil, he has opened up that he prefers his coffee black with no sugar.

8. Shruti Haasan

Beauty queen Shruti Haasan is a fan of Chettinad Chicken Sambar. It is an exclusive and exotic food item, which cannot be prepared well by anyone who does not know authentic cooking. The Masala for this flavorful food item has to be added in the proper ratio, failing which it would be a disaster. With this, it can be understood that Shruti Haasan has a unique and exclusive taste for food.

9. Trisha Krishnan

South queen Trisha Krishnan is specific about consuming rice. She prefers brown rice over white. Trisha’s favourite food is Chicken Curry along with brown rice. Though it looks like a unique combination, it sounds tempting and makes us want to give it a try.

10. Prakash Raj

Critically acclaimed South star Prakash Raj loves Biryani of all kinds. Starting from Hyderabad Biryani to Thalapakattu Biryani, Prakash Raj is a huge fan of Tamil Nadu's most loved food.


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Anonymous : Yup i dont know why they are following tail of actors....what they eat..
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Anonymous : Yup i dont know why they are following tail of actors....what they eat..
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