Rang De Movie Review: A superficial love hate love story sans nuance

'Rang De' toys with the narrative trope of one-sided love, which unfortunately is bereft of nuance.
Rang De Movie Review Rang De Movie Review: A superficial love hate love story sans nuance
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Movie Title: Rang De 
Cast: Nithin, Keerthy Suresh, VK Naresh and others
Director: Venky Atluri 
Rating: 2.5/5 

In 'Rang De', an undercurrent of love takes root when we learn that Anu (Keerthy Suresh) yearns for Arjun (Nithin), her childhood friend who is constantly irritated that he is seen by his father (VK Naresh) as spectacularly inferior to her in almost everything. We are visually/verbally told Anu is in love with Arjun. But the way the story is narrated, we never have a sense of how much Arjun means to Anu. As for the guy, he is facetious till the pre-climax phase, busy as he is carping about Anu in the presence of every other character. The premise not only feels underwhelming but also gets farcical after a point. 

Arjun's father is fond of Anu's discipline and intelligence. This peeves the hero, who starts hating her for being the villain of his life. This is staged as a juvenile comedy and that's fine. The trouble begins when the man-child refuses to grow up even after a game-changing incident. You might argue, that's how comedies are supposed to be. But such a characterization can click only if the jokes are strong enough to leave the audience in splits. In 'Rang De', lame first-night jokes, among others, act as a substitute for emotional heft. 

Writer-director Venky Atluri overdoes the male lead's juvenile antipathy towards the female lead. In fact, it is the only constant for much of the film. When Arjun has to be shown as a lovable man, the screenplay takes help from eve-teasers - not once but twice. There is a Professor whose dubbing artist usually dubs for don characters in Telugu movies. As soon as he enters the scene, you can almost guess accurately what kind of scene is going to play out. 

'Rang De' toys with the narrative trope of one-sided love, which unfortunately is bereft of nuance. This is because the male lead is a one-dimensional character who has not grown beyond his first reaction to Anu getting attention when he was barely five. 

The film treats the emotional issues between Arjun and Anu like silly fights between two children - even in the second half. Even though the man she is in love with is mean and talks like a creep, we don't see the agony in Anu. In 2021, our films are still not done with the idea of showing the consummation of marriage as an accident. Vennela Kishore's character becomes an excuse to weave double-meaning lines around this. 

In sketchy love stories, unconvincing stretches are narrated in the form of a song. Unless you pay close attention to the lyrics, you won't understand what is going on in the minds of the characters. 


To the film's credit, Devi Sri Prasad's songs are able. 'Emito Idhi' and 'Naa Kanulu Yepudu' sit well with the heft of the storyline if not the mood of the film. PC Sreeram's cinematography, however, is found wanting. Keerthy Suresh is endearing, while Nithin, too, acts well. VK Naresh and Rohini are good, while Suhas and Abhinav in comedy roles could have been better. 

Anonymous 1 month ago

nice review, got the same essence from the trailer too.