From Samantha Akkineni to Nayanthara; Here are the fitness secrets of top South actresses

Here'are some fitness secrets of to actresses from the south's entertainment industry.
From Samantha Akkineni to Nayanthara; Here are the fitness secrets of top South actressesFrom Samantha Akkineni to Nayanthara; Here are the fitness secrets of top South actresses
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By now, most of us would have started our journey towards being fit as we all are trying to make the best out of the quarantine time. Though we may have had our hearts slip and give up on our diet plans to the straight from heaven chocolates or ditched our workout for a day or two for a Netflix marathon, we are still rooting to get the best out of ourselves during the lockdown period. To keep our fitness goal on track, we need a little motivation from time to time.

We all know that the major part of a good workout plan is to have a good time while doing so. What else would make our work out plan the best plan if we come to know that we are following a plan similar to that of celebrities? Here, we have rounded up top 5 stars from the South who are known for being fit. Check it out to know if you follow a similar diet or fitness plan.

1. Samantha Akkineni's fitness secrets

Samantha is one of the celebrities known for their fitness in the entertainment industry. She herself has confessed several times that she is a fitness freak. Samantha is committed to staying healthy and reportedly, she has never missed out on her training sessions. If at all she misses a session due to work related commitments, she would make sure that she at least goes for a jog. Her workout sessions are mostly filled with cardio and heavyweight training. She also has a passion for parkour stunt. As far as diet is concerned, high on protein-based foods is her top priority. She also makes sure that she stays hydrated. Every now and then she sips on water, fresh fruit juices, and coconut water.


2. Shriya Saran's fitness secrets

Shriya Saran has been occupying the headlines in the recent past with her yoga training videos on social media. So it goes without saying that Yoga plays a major role in Shriya’s fitness secret. Apart from Yoga, Shriya reportedly spends at least 45 minutes in the gym. As far as dieting is concerned, hearsay has that she finishes her dinner prior to 8 pm because eating after that makes the belly bloat. She also takes milk after her dinner. Her routine of dinner before 8 pm and having a glass of milk after that has reportedly helped her lose three kilos.

3. Tamannaah Bhatia's fitness secrets

Tamannaah Bhatia, who is known for her fit physique and glowing skin is someone who follows a strict diet plan. Every day, she reportedly consumed a handful of soaked almonds and a glass of lukewarm water with honey and lemon juice the first thing in the morning. Tamannaah also keeps sipping water, fruit juices, coconut water and soups to help her keep hydrated. Tamannaah never misses her gym sessions. She religiously follows her gym routine charted by her personal fitness trainer. Her gym routine consists of weight lifting, abs, and cardio. Apparently, she spends at least one hour in the gym doing her routine. Other than the gym, she also practices Yoga and swimming regularly.

4. Kajal Aggarwal's fitness secrets

During several occasions, Kajal Aggarwal has opened up that she does not believe in going below the knife to for physical appearance and that she believes in natural ways to stay fit. Apparently, she practices gymnasium every day to remain fit. She also makes sure that she gets adequate sleep and drinks plenty of water. As far as working out is concerned, Kajal Aggarwal’s routine includes weight lifting thrice a week and yoga on the other days.

5. Nayanthara's fitness secrets

A couple of years ago, south star Nayanthara made the headlines after it was reported that employed a fitness expert for a personalized diet and weight loss plan. Nayantara’s trainer apparently makes customised diet plans which will vary from time to time so that she will not get bored. Nayanthara consumes fruits, eggs, vegetables , and lean meats, but avoids processed sugar. She also consumes adequate water and takes other fluids such as fruit juices, coconut water, and soups to stay hydrated. Though her workout routine majorly consists of heavy weight training, she also practices Yoga from time to time.




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