Super Machi Movie Review: Entertaining in bits and pieces

Updated on Jan 15, 2022 01:38 AM IST  |  92.5K
Super Machi review
Super Machi Movie Review: Entertaining in bits and pieces

Title: Super Machi

Cast: Kalyan Dhev and Rachitha Ram

Director: Puli Vasu

Rating: 1.5/5

Review by Bhavana Sharma


Super Machi, starring Kalyan Dhev and Rachita Ram hit the screens today on the eve of Sankranti and is directed by Puli Vasu. Here is the review. 

Raju (Kalyan Dhev) is a singer in a bar. He is an easy-going guy and leads a happy life with his friends. Meenakshi (Rachita Ram), even after knowing Raju’s lifestyle, falls for him and expects him to reciprocate the same feelings for her. But that is not all. There is a lot more behind her love for him. Why does Meenakshi fall for him and how is the entire plot of love connected to her father (Rajendra Prasad) forms the crux of the story. 

When compared to his previous film, Kalyan Dhev has improved as an actor and he performed well. The role definitely suited him. He outdid it when it comes to showing emotions on screen. Also, looks like he worked a lot on his dance moves and dialogue delivery really well. Rachita, who made her debut in Tollywood with this flick has also given a decent performance. She has to undergo a lot of pain to win the love of his life, and it is more of sadness over happiness. Rachita’s debut is surely winning hearts. Posani Krishna Mural and Rajendra Prasad have also performed really well. 


There is a suspense aspect to this film but the director has focused more on the love angle between the lead actors and it overshadows the suspense part. Hero’s character should have been elevated a little more to make the narration gripping and thrilling. A little bit of rework on the script would have made magic. Also, Kalyan’s efforts would have succeeded if the director avoided the unnecessary bits in the film. The pace of the film is a little slow and the climax looks quite rushed with some unanswered questions. 

Thaman’s music, cinematography and production values are decent enough to make the film look good. The basic grip and punch and thriller aspects the film needs are missing but. Well, on the whole, this romantic drama fails to engage as it lacks a strong point to make the film interesting.



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