Tanushree Dutta writes an open letter to Ajay Devgn; calls him 'morally bankrupt' for working with Alok Nath

Tanushree Dutta is back and has hit the headlines once again with an open letter. Tanushree Dutta has called the tinsel town "full of liars and spineless hypocrites". In the open letter, Tanushree has raised a point of Ajay Devgn working with Alok Nath. Read the full open letter here.
Tanushree Dutta writes an open letter to Ajay Devgn; calls him 'morally bankrupt' for working with Alok NathTanushree Dutta writes an open letter to Ajay Devgn; calls him 'morally bankrupt' for working with Alok Nath
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Tanushree Dutta, who made her Bollywood debut with the movie Aashiq Banaya Aapne, hit the headlines after she revisited and opened up again about the alleged sexual harassment that she faced at the hands of veteran actor Nana Patekar. The actress had been away from Indian for years; however, little did Tanushree Dutta know how eventful her trip back to Mumbai would turn out to be. The actress sparked the Me Too movement in the country during which many women from different walk of life spoke came out and spoke about their horrifying experience. 

Well, the actress is back and has hit the headlines once again with an open letter. Tanushree Dutta has called the tinsel town "full of liars, showoffs and spineless hypocrites". In the open letter, Tanushree has raised the point of Ajay Devgn working with Alok Nath in De De Pyaar De. The statement reads, "Tinsel town is full of liars, showoffs and spineless hypocrites. And it seems by a large public consensus that the signpost is pointing currently at Ajay Devgn. During the #metoo movement in India the actor had tweeted and sworn never to work with those accused and now in a surprising and convenient turn of events is Working with rape and harassment accused Alok Nath and supporting him make a comeback to Bollywood. Doesn't this prove yet again that your big Bollywood heroes are truly zeroes!" 

She further wrote, "Overrated actors and human beings who have created a clout by clever PR machinery and careful manipulation of public sentiments, old stuffy morons who can't tell the difference between what's right and wrong and what is the need of the hour!."     
Tanushree also made an point that how the makers of the film did not reveal anything about Alok Nath being a part of the film. The statement further reads, "So would it be so difficult to just edit out Alok Nath's portions in the film and hire someone else and reshoot those bits even before the film promotions started?? Nobody even knew before the posters and trailers that Alok Nath is in the film so if Ajay Devgan and the makers wanted they could have just quietly replaced him and re-shot his portions (which is barely 10-15 days for character actors in Bollywood)and given Vinta Nanda the respect she deserves as well as several other women who were troubled by this guy but No! they had to keep the alleged rapist in their film and rub it on not only Vinta's but on all our faces as a show of solidarity with all rapists, molesters and harassers of Bollywood and an even greater show of arrogance and defiance against all things morally and conscientiously right."

She continues, "It's time India wakes up and stops worshipping these morally bankrupt actors, directors, producers and others who clearly put on a facade of being family men just to promote their careers that they build on the tears of women like Vinta and others whom they silence using their muscle power. If you dig deep you will find skeletons in their closets so horrendous that it will totally makes sense why they would stand supporting the accused rapists, harassers and abusers and why their conscience doesn't prick them while doing so and why they give evasive answers when questioned. Birds of a feather always flock together and that's why perhaps it doesn't bother some of these people to work with a guy who has been accused by several women of horrendous behaviour and that's why there's always an excuse.

The law and order in India has always been skewed against the victims of sexual crimes and that's why the criminals have  always been out on bail,the burden of proof always on the poor woman and hence justice in court has been a far fetched dream mostly apart from very few exceptions that too after years perhaps. But now we know that even the bigwigs of Bollywood not only love to support such creepy individuals but when u question them they give weird answers! The disgrace is not in the question or the topic but in your own conscience and soul!! You are the disgrace!

I hope and pray that someday Bollywood can be free of such lowlifes enjoying the adulation of millions but socially so irresponsible. We need to have real heroes and heroines in Bollywood,real men and women who stand up for the dignity of helpless folks, be living examples of compassion, goodwill, and heroism and make a real impact in the nation by using their power and position to help rather than derail movements such as #metoo and other causes and lead by example. Till then no option but to put up with these fake heroes and their even faker rag doll heroines!!" 

To the unversed, Alok Nath was accused of rape and sexual harassment by writer Vinta Nanda in October 2018. 


He was accused and yet to be found guilty by law...if any tom dick Harry one day write or spoke and allege anyone with charges would it be ok...once the charges do not get prove you cannot declare him or her guilty...wake up ..

Tanushree did a good Jo is starting the MeToo movement. She made everyone sensitive to it. But Tanushree is going "hammer & tongs" against anyone and everyone against whom she has an opinion. Her role of flag bearer of the MeToo movement is over. Several others have taken the movement faaar.
Tanushree's raving and ranting against Kangana is pointless. Kangana herself had gone through difficult times and she is vocal about it. She has silenced her critics by her performance and by winning National awards thrice.
My dear Tanushree, let your work speak and not your words.
Speaking long distance is easy. But staying in the industry and performing is faaaaar more difficult. Kudos to Kangana. She is the victim and the winner.

Boycott the film, that way they will understand and won't cast such people. What say?

""Idiot Ajay, why you were you screaming, when they trolled your daughter. apna maal doosron ka baap ka maal. feku ke chele.

not an even one successful actress has me too allegation to make. all the ones who make noise are the ones who tried the short cut and failed and then they are taking frustration out. so it seems. women can never be trusted period !

apni ma ko support mat kar kyun ki woh jhut bol rahi hai ki tera baap wo hai jisko tu apna asli baap samajhta hai..ok?

It's a known fact that Bollywood has many Rascals who should be exposed.

Indian people have such sick mentally. Tanuahree dutta is trying to point out something that is going wrong. People are trying to pull her down. Thats why India is in such state.plz support her and boycott such men like alok nath. He should pay for his deeds

Aurat kuch bhi bolo woh sach nahi hota.. Tanushree is saying about ajay devgan.. Why is she not saying about other two ladies who are there in film.. Is it because they are women..or ajay is popular, please stop double standards..tanushree

it's his production house film. That's why.

Aurat kuch bhi bolo woh sach nahi hota.. Tanushree is saying about ajay devgan.. Why is she not saying about other two ladies who are there in film.. Is it because they are women..or ajay is popular, please stop double standards..tanushree

target famous people to get attention , some women are re-inventing the word "cheap"

Bollywood may not boycott the sexual offenders but people can by boycotting their films

Bollywood may not boycott sexual offenders but people can. Public can choose not to watch films of such people.

why now, why not that time.
FIR, Complain or anything?

ajay is scum and always has been

Totally spot on! You need someone with guys to spell things out to Bollywood. She is that person.

Wow, that must have been difficult for her as her sister and brother in law are great friends with Ajay. Kudos to her.

Yeah as if she a work like a Messiah and now that no body remembers her.. she keeps cropping like that occasional grass at the base of cactus... "morally bankrupt" says who ... A woman who played the role of a stripper and then shouts I have been harassed.... Shame on you

she did what she had to do for a character. it says nothing about her morality or character. alia, sonam, anushka all have shots in bikinis.. radhika, kalki everyone.. they are all legit humans.. learn to understand the difference.

Generally I don't comment on celebrity websites but as it's a serious issue so want to step in. To all the people bashing TannuShree here: She doe snot need any films or fame , she is the real torch bearer of "me too" moment in India and she has started a stride which no one dared to do especially in Bollywood. Coming back to Alok Nath, he might have got a clean chit form the court n Vinita Nanda case but how about statements of Sandya Mridul and Himani Shivpuri who have worked with him and knew better? Sandya gave quite a detailed account of harassment she had to face in hands of this old non-sanskari man but no one, just no one from industry biggies even commented. Vinita might not have any evidence or witnesses against him but Sandya knows several crew people of her short film who witnessed this old monster's shameful activities (terrified Sandya's hair dresser had to sleep in Sandya's room to save her). Same way Himani Shivpuri mentioned how Alok Nath showed indecent behaviour during a flight full of people, unfortunately there were no smart phones during those days so his act couldn't be caught but of course air line crew can be a witness to it. I wonder why there is a stoic silence from all "family oriented" sanskari movie makers like Barjatiyas on this. Do you think they didn't know about his behaviour on sets or in the evening after shoots? I wish Sandya files a case against him and I am ready to FUND the total cost of fighting this case. PV I hope you will also join this moment of truth by posting all relevant comments including this one of mine.

Bravo Tanushree!

I just realised I hope Taushree has thought this through. I
could be wrong but I think Ajay is a family friend of her sisters and did Ishitta and Vatsal's wedding. Interestingly, Ajay has played a father to both Vatsal and Ishitta. Small world.

But what about tabu & Rakul. Are they not guilty

she is right..ajay devgan is a hypocrite..supporting luv ranjan&alok nath both men who are molestors&harassers..atleast hollywood has the decency to not cast people who have been openly called out.this what nysa &yug are going to learn..from their parents ..that its okay to support bad people.

Bollywood men are most hypocritical

Why are people dreaming of Kangana here?? Smell coffee, Tanushree wrote it and Kangana is not her mom! Tanushree is spot on.

She is 100% right. All these pimps in Bollywood are nothing but disgrace to human kind, be it Nana Patekar, Alok nath, Sajid Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Pancholi and many other Madarchods. These Bollywood hypocrites feel that the public is stupid, fool and wont understand. They try to portray themselves as morally sound, family man and virgin girls, but in reality many of them are nothing less than a professional prostitute. Its high time people of India wake up and start throwing eggs and stone of the fake faces of these predators so that tomorrow no girl in India go through what Jyoti Singh, Vineta Nanada, Tanushree Dutta, Kangana Ranuat and millions of other Indian women have gone through.
For anyone who feels it’s a publicity stunt by her or etc, if you are a girl, when this happens to you and if you are lucky to survive (unlike Joyti singh), then you will understand what this is. And for guys, once your sister or daughter go thorugh what Jyoti went in 2012. Then you will feel what should be done to these predators.

You are one of them....as you said about the actors.

Just because Kangana attacks film family doesn't make her any less and tanu well done.

Don’t compare Tanushree Dutta to Kangana. Tanushree is not a chronic victim. She has a point where as Kangana accuses left and right

tanushree was loser,is loser and will remain loser.she and her entire family are born losers.

the only sour loser is you ajay devgun... so keep quiet

Dear, most ladies themselves mentioned that they were harassed or raped but could not come forward to save their careers, talking about atrocities against them now, is like crying foul..the safety of our modest and character is in our own hands.. Why they are expecting others to suffer for their miseries,for which they themselves responsible..

Another cheap publicity by discarded actress


I like Tanushree. Ajay has contradicted himself and anyone who doesn't have a problmem with Aloknat being in this film just needs to read about Vinta Nanda it's horrible.

Kudos to Tanushree. Well said.

Good words from Tanushree, but nothing really changes with 'family' men like Ajay Devgn

This girl is another Kangana

Had she been your sister..would u have said the same? You are a creepy fellow..u must have molested girls thats why u dupport rapists

Actresses nowadays are willing to do anything for name fame and money so some men think it’s ok to think of them as an object instead of human being.

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