From Vairamuthu to Radha Ravi: Men accused during #MeToo continue to get work; Will anything change ever?

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From Vairamuthu to Radha Ravi: Men accused during #MeToo continue to get work; Will anything change ever?

In 2018, the #MeToo movement had taken the country by storm. Women from the South Indian and Bollywood film industries made a brave move by exposing horrifying stories of many who dealt with harassment and sexual assault from colleagues, celebs holding powerful positions. Many gutsy women, especially from the Tamil and Malayalam film industries helped other women who wanted to stay anonymous, open up, and recount their scary experiences. The #MeToo movement in the country gave a chance to expand the conversation and end the misogynistic culture. However, the question is- From Vairamuthu to Radha Ravi: Men accused during #MeToo continue to get work; Will anything change ever?


Vairamuthu, the Tamil lyricist and poet, months after the #MeToo wave, was seen participating in public events, giving interviews, speeches, and talking about his upcoming projects. There were reports that filmmaker Mani Ratnam had signed Vairamuthu for Ponniyin Selvan. However, he was dropped from the film after Mani Ratnam was heavily criticised for his decision. To note, very recently it was announced that Vairamuthu will be honoured with the ONV Cultural Academy award. However, the academy decided to reconsider the decision after actors like Parvathy, Chinmayi, Rima Kallingal, Geetu Mohandas, director Anjali Menon, among others slammed the Academy for providing a platform to Vairamuthu. 

It was singer and dubbing artist Chinmayi who had accused poet-lyricist Vairamuthu of sexual harassment and became the voice of 17 other women too. She did face consequences for speaking up. In an interview with The Hindu then, Chinmayi revealed, "After my involvement in the #MeToo movement, there has been a silence. In a month, I used to do 10-15 songs, out of which 5 songs would be in Tamil. This has dried up as well. And then, the dubbing union terminates me. I realised it is not a coincidence. Recently, I had signed on to dub for two movies, which were subsequently cancelled." Chinmayi also revealed that the women of WCC (Women in Cinema Collective) in Malayalam were equally out of work. "They want to show us as examples to other women to say ‘if you speak up, this is what will happen to you. So don’t do it," she stated. 

It has been more than 3 years and Chinmayi still has been demanding justice and speaking up on behalf of many other women too. 

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Radha Ravi: Actor-politician Radha Ravi too faced allegations of sexual misconduct. An anonymous woman revealed that Radha Ravi behaved inappropriately with her when she visited his house for professional reasons. A screenshot of the same was even shared by Chinmayi on Twitter and this continues to remain a well-known secret in the industry? Not to forget, he openly slut-shamed Nayanthara during a promotional event. 

Post the controversy, Radha Ravi signed a lot of work and was also a part of Sivakarthikeyan’s production Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja. 

Here's the screenshot: 

Popular music composer of the Malayalam and Telugu Cinema Gopi Sundar was accused by an anonymous female singer of her encounters with him. 

Madhavan Mukesh was too named by casting director Tess Joseph. “I was the only woman in a crew of men. One night when the calls where never ending I stayed in my colleague room. And @LeMeridien Chennai you are the worst for being enablers when I asked you why my room floor was different so nonchalantly I was told Mr Kumar asked for it,” Tess wrote on Twitter as she shared her horror story. 

Popular actress Sruthi Hariharan of Solo fame had accused Arjun Sarja of sexual misconduct. In a four-page statement on Twitter, she revealed the entire incident. 

Susi Ganesan (Tamil director), Thiagarajan (Tamil director/actor), TM Karthik (Tamil actor), Alencier Ley Lopez (Malayalam actor), John Vijay (Tamil actor) are a few names from the film industry who were called out during the #MeToo movement. 

With the silence surrounding this issue, accused men in the industry are getting away with work, and why? COMMENT

Anonymous : Yes these people should not get any work and should be cncelled totally because of metoo allegations. The allegations is the judgement and should be so. So what if 60 or 70 % rape cases are false. Justice will be served by destroying someoes reputation on allegations. This must be the path of equality and best relatons between the genders. Only the alleger has reputation and must remain anonymous, the accused reputation does not matter. Due process be damned. So what if we gave Biryani to Kasab for 4 years, he was a mere terrorist.
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