When Katrina Kaif was mesmerised by Nayanthara's personality and called her a 'fighter'

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When Katrina Kaif was mesmerised by Nayanthara's personality and called her a 'fighter'

Katrina Kaif and Nayanthara are two stunning ladies who are ruling the Indian Cinema with their strong onscreen personality and roles in the films. Katrina, when she launched her own makeup line, roped Kollywood lady superstar Nayanthara for a promotional video and the two super ladies were seen bonding like BFFs. During an interview, Kat also praised Nayanthara for being a strong and fighter. 

In a throwback interview with Film Companion, Katrina Kaif revealed she found Nayanthara very stunning. "I found Nayanthara very stunning as well as I find her very strong. She comes across as a fighter. And there's also something in her.. in her way of work..she's been working from a very young age and she's very meticulous. She knows her work and she is very particular. I kind of resonated with that."

Kat who has done a Telugu film Malliswari (2004), went on to add, "So when she was on set, I was telling my team that it's kind of like watching a mirror of yourself where you understand. You know when people say your particular but you understand why that person is like that. It was a magical day."



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Nayanthara had visited Mumbai especially for Katrina Kaif and her ad campaign. despite busy with the shooting of her films. 

How about Nayanthara and Katrina Kaif coming together for a film? These pretty ladies will surely rule the hearts of the audience. 

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