Into The Wild With Bear Grylls & Rajinikanth Episode Highlights: Akshay Kumar's message to Thalaiva's style

Into the Wild with Bear Grylls and Rajinikanth: Here are some of the highlights from the much-awaited episode that make it a must watch.
Into The Wild With Bear Grylls & Rajinikanth Episode Highlights: Akshay Kumar's message to Thalaiva's style Into The Wild With Bear Grylls & Rajinikanth Episode Highlights: Akshay Kumar's message to Thalaiva's style
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After a long wait, south superstar Rajinikanth stepped into the small-screen. The much-awaited episode of Into The Wild With Bear Grylls and Rajinikanth was aired yesterday at 8 pm, i.e. (March 23, 2020). The special episode was shot in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka. From trekking, wadding to climbing through a jaunty day with adventure survivalist Bear Grylls, fans of Thalaiva got to witness him in a never-seen-before avatar. The episode was themed around the idea of water conservation. From his personal life to his political ideologies, Rajinikanth catered to his bevy of fans who worship him. 

The episode was a perfect blend of edutainment and thrills. The show was filled with unseen activities by Rajinikanth. He entered pond water inside the jungle, drove an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and aced a climbing session using harness ropes. The acclaimed actor performed all dangerous activities and stunts to survive in the wild. Whether it is Rajini's life-lessons or the thrilling visuals, the episode will get your heart racing, asking for more. Moreover, Rajinikanth and Grylls’ repartee made for decent camaraderie, and the duo explored the wilderness with full enthusiasm. If you haven't yet watched it, don't worry, we are here with some special highlights from the episode, just for you. 

Here are the highlights of the episode: 


1. Thalaiva's grand entry and TV debut

Rajinikanth made a fabulous and enthusiastic entry to face all challenges that will come his way. After a long journey of 43 years, the South star made his debut on the small screen, with such an unusual show. 

2. Wild experience amidst nature

We're all aware that Rajinikant is a grounded man, who lives a simple life. The superstar thoroughly enjoyed his time amidst nature during his 'wild' experience. He went on to call it one of the craziest and exciting days of his life. 

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3. Special message for India

During the conversation, Rajinikanth expressed his special hope for India. He mentioned that he wants to see India as a poverty-free country in the future. He hopes to see no unemployment in India shortly. Praising the country for being extremely tolerant and secular, he said that he is proud to be an Indian. He added that citizens here embrace all religions with open arms.  

4. Akshay Kumar, R Madhvan, Kamal Haasan's special message for Thalaiva 

The three actors made a guest appearance to wish their friend and mentor 'good luck.' Through video messages, the trio showered praises on Rajinikanth. They shared heartwarming messages for their idol and inspiration. 

5. Encounter with Crocodiles 

The veteran actor was shivering in fear of marsh crocodiles as they waded across a water body that could potentially house a croc.  

6. Rajinikanth's tricky question to Grylls over PM Narendra Modi 

During their chattery-session, Rajinikanth asked Grylls, 'What did you like about our PM Modi.' The host, who has previously done an episode with Modiji, had a fitting reply. He said, 'Modiji has a good sense of humour.' 

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7. Crossing the iron bridge

For the very first time, Rajinikanth kept went all out and faced his fears. He crossed a perilous iron bridge during his trail. Though he looked hesitant and anxious first, he did manage to get through. 

8. Water Scarcity and Need to save water 

The 69-year-old actor shared his views on the need of the hour to save water. He spoke at length passionately about how water scarcity is going to affect the future generations. Not only in India, but throughout the world, water scarcity is an alarming situation that needs to be looked upon immediately. He said, 'It is heart-wrenching to see 2.1 billion people suffer due to water scarcity across the globe.' He further added that to tackle the issue, harvesting rainwater is important. 

9. From being a conductor to becoming an actor, Rajinikanth recalled his past  

The feeling to watch a man who has a larger-than-life persona onscreen, delve into his personal life is beyond words. But, Rajinikanth opened up about his past like never before. He was emotionally-driven as he spoke about his past life. Rajinikanth said that the days in Bengaluru as a conductor were difficult. However, he is elated to have gone through those moments and they're left behind now. Further, he mentioned that it is almost impossible for him to travel via bus now. 

10. Reminiscing childhood

While we've seen him as a tough actor onscreen always, just like all of us, Rajinikanth had a childhood full of happy memories. He revealed that he was interested in cinema since his childhood and he grew watching films. The decision to become an actor was taken by him at the age of 22. 

11. Calling life a miracle 

Rajinikanth said, 'My whole life has been a miracle. Consider this show, for example, I never thought of this even in my dreams that one day I'll do a show like this for Discovery!' The man also let us in on his favorite quote in life: 'This too shall pass.'

12. Flaunting the signature step 

After so many life lessons, Rajinikanth finally gave us the moment we all waited for, his signature style. The actor-turned-politician taught Bear Grylls his signature style and we were left awestruck. He showed how to do his signature flick with the sunglasses, and it was definitely an unmissable moment. 

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