Special Presidential Envoys BTS deliver a heartwarming speech and perform PTD at the United Nations

Updated on Sep 21, 2021 01:26 PM IST  |  113.2K
BTS at 63rd Annual Grammy Awards: Courtesy News1
BTS at 63rd Annual Grammy Awards: Courtesy News1

Another proud moment for ARMYs all across the globe! South Korea’s pride and President Moon Jae In’s ‘Special Presidential Envoys for Future Generations and Culture’, BTS made their third appearance at the United Nations General Assembly and emphasised the importance of nature, changing life patterns and more.

The 76th UN General Assembly held on September 20 IST in the United States of America invited BTS to take part in the Sustainable Development Goals Moment and share their message with the world. 

South Korea’s president announced BTS as one of the most influential and loved musical artists all across the globe and invited the septet to share their story with the world. The boys took this opportunity to share the responses they have received from fans all across the globe about what they have lost due to the pandemic and how there’s still hope for a better future.

Members Jin and Jimin revealed how fans reflected upon not being able to do anything despite living the most crucial moments of their lives. Jungkook talked about missing out on the most important moments of one's life due to the pandemic. 

The members revealed how the world is starting to care for nature slowly but steadily. J-Hope threw light on climate change by saying “We all know that climate change is a big problem, but talking about what the best solution might be is not easy.” RM and V joined the discussion by talking about how we must search for the answers as to how to save the future without talking about it as if the ending is already here.

The members emphasised how it is important to still have hope and find new ways to living one’s life and not feel lost but rather welcome new possibilities. J-Hope and RM also encouraged everyone to get vaccinated by calling it ‘a ticket to meet fans’. 

SUGA mentioned how the boys realised the importance of each and every moment they took for granted before the pandemic while feeling sorrowful about the things Covid-19 took away from everyone.

BTS also took this opportunity to perform their latest single ‘Permission to Dance’ as their way of extending hope towards fans and looking forward to a bright future. 

Fans are overwhelmed to see the boys perform the single full of positivity at the United Nations Headquarters in their formal attire. 

Here’s BTS' speech and performance at the SDG Moment session.

Indeed, BTS once again succeeded in providing warmth and hope to fans all across the globe with their powerful message. 

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