Spotify to release a special version of TWICE's new album called 'Taste of Love', the Enhanced Album'

Spotify to release 'TWICE presents 'Taste of Love', the Enhanced Album'. Read on to find out.
TWICE members pose for the Taste Of Love concept photos. TWICE members pose for the Taste Of Love concept photos (Pic credit - JYPE)it -
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We can never get enough of TWICE and the members know that too! On June 11, Spotify will reveal a special album content titled, 'TWICE presents 'Taste of Love', the Enhanced Album'. TWICE's new enhanced album will include 6 tracks from TWICE's new album 'Taste of Love' and other exclusive content that can only be found on Spotify.

For the unversed, Spotify's 'Enhanced Album' is a multi-content album that provides artists with the right platform for expressing creativity in their own style, and also gives listeners more information on the artist's album sidetracks. ONCEs can get an exclusive sneak-peek of the 'making' of Taste Of Love and some never seen before information and trivia information.  The 'Spotify Enhanced Album: TWICE presents Taste of Love' will release on June 11 at  1 pm KST.

TWICE released Alcohol Free, the title track of their 10th mini-album yesterday at 2:30 pm IST. Alcohol Free is produced by J.Y. Park and is a summer song with tropical vibes. The ladies look stylish in cutesy outfits with bright colours, radiating a charming vibe. The track has a nice Latin feel to it and combines Bossa Nova (a style of Samba that originated in the 1980s in Rio De Janerio, Brazil) and some cool hip-hop. The catchy chorus includes names of sweet wines and cocktails that listeners can easily sing along with. The ladies also debuted the track on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday.

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