Squid Game: 5 astounding Easter eggs you probably missed while watching the gripping series

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 bewildering facts in ‘Squid Game’ that stayed hidden in plain sight.

Updated on Oct 06, 2021 03:49 PM IST  |  912.4K
Squid Game Poster; Picture Courtesy: Netflix Korea
Squid Game Poster; Picture Courtesy: Netflix Korea
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It’s no doubt that the South Korean thriller series ‘Squid Game’ is one of the biggest on the internet and it’s all thanks to its complex plots, thrilling sub-plots and a whole lot of hidden gems that can only be discovered after a few run-throughs but do not worry because we have done that for you and found some intriguing easter eggs throughout the series. A huge warning though, since we will be taking a dive into the various aspects of the series so reader’s discretion is advised. 

  1. Player 001

The biggest twist of the series was undoubtedly the revelation of the old man or Oh Il Nam being the mastermind behind the entire game from its conception. He participated in the games to ‘live the fun’ as it can be seen in the first game ‘Red Light, Green Light’ as he smiles and runs to the finish line. One obvious easter egg was seen when the robot girl was checking the players’ movements and failed to recognise Oh Il Nam as a player, which essentially allows him to leave scot-free. A couple of other clues were of him entering the van that took the players to the location. While the other players were gassed, Oh Il Nam entered the van of his own volition. Even in Episode 6, he mentioned the set of a neighbourhood that resembled his childhood home. The extended knowledge of the games, convincing Gi Hun to re-enter the game and the guards entering the sleeping space only after he began screaming during the manufactured fights that broke out. These clues add up and point him out as the head of the murky and grim game. Even when Joon Ho was searching the documents for a clue regarding his missing brother, there was no evidence of Player 001. His name was a clue as well, which translates to ‘Number One Man’. 

  1. ‘Escher’s Relativity’ inspired staircase 

Besides the doll and the tracksuits, the complicated staircase is synonymous with the series because of its complexity and the brightness that contrasts the grimness and the tension present throughout the series. The staircase has been inspired by a famous painting by the Dutch artist M.C. Escher called ‘Escher’s Relativity’ which depicts a world in which the normal laws of gravity do not apply. The architectural structure seems to be the centre of an idyllic community, with most of its inhabitants casually going about their ordinary business, such as dining. There are windows and doorways leading to park-like outdoor settings. All of the figures are dressed in identical attire and have featureless bulb-shaped heads. Fitting the theme of the series, the staircase also does not fit in the real world as the rest of the games. 

  1. Green/Red Envelope

In the beginning of Squid Game, each contestant is scouted and lured into playing a game involving the red and green envelope. The colours on the envelope determine the fate of the contestant where if they choose green and win, they become contestants but if they choose red, they probably become workers, seeing how the workers are also forced to follow the orders there. The green represents the green tracksuits of the players and the red represents the red uniforms worn by the workers. 

  1. Uniform Inspiration

The director and the mind behind the series, Hwang Dong Hyuk, spoke of how the uniforms of both the contestants and works came about. He received inspiration from his childhood- his school uniform. While he had half a mind to lean into the full school look but decided to go with the sports tracksuits instead, a common sports uniform worn by the South Korean students. The green was specifically chosen as it would allow the red blood pop better on screen which is also why the red uniforms for the workers were chosen. The stark contrast worked well and it showed beautifully on screen. 

  1. Walls can talk

One of the biggest revelations was also the murals on the walls of the contestants’ sleeping space that indicated the games they would be playing. One of the running reasons behind the game was to give them a level playing ground and be treated fairly, the two factors they never got in the real world but as we continued to see how some players would do things to have an upper hand in the game, like the doctor. But all those efforts could be proven moot if the players just concentrated on their surroundings. The makers gave them a chance to get an upper hand but the desperate need to survive outweighed common sense and just like the players, we were also fooled by the makers. 

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