‘Squid Game’ star Lee Jung Jae directorial debut film ‘Hunt’ wrapped up filming on November 13

Published on Nov 15, 2021 02:16 PM IST  |  83.2K
 Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woosung
Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woosung; Picture Courtesy: News1

'Hunt' had wrapped up filming  on November 13th. 'Hunt' is an espionage action drama in which the security agents Park Pyong Ho (Lee Jung Jae) and Kim Jung Do (Jung Woo Sung) face the huge truth as they pursue the South Korean spy chief. Expectations are high with a work that has been encountered for the first time in years.

Lee Jung Jae will play the role of Park Pyong Ho, deputy head of the first team of the Ministry of Security and Public Administration, who has 13 years of experience with quick tact and extraordinary intelligence. Here, Jung Woosung takes on the role of Kim Jeong-do, who is in competition with Park Pyung-ho, who is the 2nd deputy head of the Athletics Department, full of passion and daring judgment. Jeon Hye Jin as Bang Joo Kyung, who assists Park Pyong Ho as an agent of the 1st Secrecy Department, and Heo Sung Tae as Jang Cheol Sung, a 2nd INS team, following Kim Jung Do's instructions.

Lee Jung Jae, who led thE journey for over 6 months, said, “I sincerely thank all the staff who gave great help while thinking fiercely together about how to make a better scene. In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues and seniors and juniors who took care of me by working together with a lot of preparation and worry in a situation where I had to do both directing and acting. I will do my best to present a wonderful movie to the audience who are curious about 'The Hunt'."

Jung Woo Sung said, "It was filmed about 100 times, but I don't know how the time passed. It is a work that is personally meaningful to me in that I will appear in one work after ‘There is No Sun’. It was a scene where many actors and staff ran with great enthusiasm. Please look forward to it with a lot of anticipation and interest in the future.” In addition, Jeon Hye Jin said, "Director Lee Jung Jae, who pays attention to every cut until the end, even though he is in a very tiring condition, was amazing. Especially since it was the role of Joo Gyeong, who assists Park Pyung Ho, the figure came closer. It was a happy time to be able to work with such great people.” 'The Hunt' is scheduled to be released after post-production. 

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