Squid Game's Anupam Tripathi opens up on the BETRAYAL his character faces & which game he'd win in real life

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Bright and early Tuesday morning, the talk of the town- Squid Game’s Anupam Tripathi aka Ali Abdul or Player 199 joined us for a chat in a group interview from his current residence in South Korea. While the world is marvelling at the 9 episode money chaser, he was his humble self, still astounded at the reaction and the admiration that his character has received so far. 


On being asked what game would Anupam Tripathi, as himself win in a reenactment of the show, the 32-year-old actor chuckled saying, “In real life? I’m always a team player so I would have gone with tug of war. So make the team and win with the team and go out with the team. I would prefer that.” He continued by expressing his love for another team game, which is worshipped by all in India, Cricket.

Anupam’s camaraderie with fellow actors has been talked about before, where he never fails to mention the support and fun that the cast has had on the show. However, his character Ali was kind and trustworthy, something that was not reciprocated by fellow contestants in ‘Squid Game’, leading to his sorrowful death.


Recalling the moment he read the script for the first time as well as his thoughts while acting on the said scene, Anupam remarked “That was a hard scene because that guy is trusting somebody with everything but I did not see it as a betrayal. I saw it like what a practical person can do in extreme situations. I was just going through it that way.” 


Further explaining his own thoughts about the particularly remarkable moment that has given rise to hashtags like #alideserved better, the actor added, “I thought (of it) like you are my brother, you take care of me, now suddenly why (would you do this). All those questions were there. I do not see it as a betrayal.” 


Anupam’s deep understanding of his character came about with his continuous effort to introspect Ali’s presence as can be seen when he said, “That was the point of it all. Do I see it as a betrayal or do I see as somebody who needed it more than me, desperately. Where did I miss it or where I get tricked by a person who I really believed in. I was working on those things.” 


Having said that, he also seemed to have had the same thoughts as millions of others who felt wronged on Ali’s behalf. “These two characters who have so much of commonality as they help each other in a way and in the end the small thing, why somebody would do that, why you choose me to do it. We would have gone together. Those ‘whys’ were in me while reading and performing the scene.”


It’s a beautiful thing in itself to have an Indian national who once took his dream to a faraway land, is now seeing such a rise in his popularity. We continue to root for Anupam Tripathi and his future endeavours.


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