Start Up Ep 6 Epilogue Theory: Is THIS character associated with Nam Joo Hyuk the mystery man seeking revenge?

*SPOILERS ALERT* Start-Up Ep 6's epilogue ended on an ominous note as a mystery man is set to seek revenge from an important character associated with Sand Box. Read below to know who fans are theorising the unidentified character to be.
Start-Up Ep 6's epilogue saw a mystery man set to seek revenge from someone at Sand Box Start Up Ep 6 Epilogue Theory: Is THIS character associated with Nam Joo Hyuk the mystery man seeking revenge?
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*SPOILERS ALERT* Start-Up Ep 6's epilogue ended on a cliffhanger note as viewers were left in an ominous state of mind. For the unversed, the tvN drama follows the lives of working-class characters who are associated with South Korea's fictional Silicon Valley, Sand Box. Start-Up stars a fresh, young cast including Suzy as Seo Dal-mi, Nam Joo-hyuk as Nam Do-san, Kim Seon-ho as Han Ji-pyeong and Kang Han-na as Won In-jae.

Last week's episode saw the end featuring a mystery man who enters Sand Box, adorned in a hoodie which covers his identity, fluctuating between Samsan Tech and Injae Company's office. Moreover, we see Sand Box's founder Yoon Seon-hak (Seo Yi-sook) passing by a bridge only to encounter a white flower tied with a black bow, which was left by the mystery man. Interestingly, a past encounter sees Seon-hak witnessing a young unidentified man jump off the same bridge seconds before she could save him. Fans instantly tried to decode who the mystery man could be with most pointing fingers at Do-san's best friend Kim Yong-san (Kim Do-wan).

Given how the mystery man's note on the Sand Box wall reveals the reason why he wants to launch his start-up; because he wanted to get revenge, fans couldn't help but go back to a Start-Up Ep 1 sequence when Yong-san asks In-jae a question during a seminar with Seon-hak and Ji-pyeong in tow. "I have a question for Ms. Won In-jae. My name is Kim Yong-san. Did you read the comments under your article today? Many say your success is only thanks to your rich father and doesn't count because you didn't start at Sand Box," an irate Yong-san asks.

"This place [Sand Box] is for people who can get hurt by falling.  If a person like me, who has a rich father, enters Sand Box, wouldn't that be shameless? Speaking of hateful comments, I couldn't care less. They say the best revenge for those scumbags is indifference. That's why I stopped caring about them. It's my revenge," In-jae confidently replies back but it's Yong-san's uneasy expression that had fans wondering if it's him who is seeking revenge and that the person who died may have been his brother unable to get into Sand Box.

Check out fans decoding Kim Yong-san as the mystery man seeking revenge in Start-Up below:

Start-Up just got even more interesting!

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Do you think Kim Yong-san is the mystery man seeking revenge in Start-Up? And who is it he's seeking revenge for? Share your own theories with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, Start-Up Ep 7 and 8 will air this weekend on November 7 and 8.

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