Start Up Ep 8: Kim Seon Ho comes to Suzy's rescue again as latter makes a shocking discovery about the letters

*SPOILERS ALERT* In Start-Up Ep 8, while Kim Seon-ho falls deeper in love with Suzy, the latter find out that Seon-ho's handwriting matches the letters she supposedly received from Nam Joo-hyuk.
Suzy notices Kim Seon-ho's handwriting matches her letters in Start-Up Ep 8 Start Up Ep 8: Kim Seon Ho comes to Suzy's rescue again as latter makes a shocking discovery about the letters
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*SPOILERS ALERT* If Start-Up Ep 7 was all about Seo Dal-mi (Suzy) and Nam Do-san's (Nam Joo-hyuk) blossoming romance with one steamy kiss to gloat over, then Start-Up Ep 8 belonged to Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Seon-ho) and his growing feelings towards Dal-mi. While initially reluctant over Dal-mi and Do-san's NoonGil idea, which stemmed from the former's halmeoni Choi Won-deok's (Kim Hae-sook) illness, Ji-pyeong couldn't help himself from assisting Dal-mi every way he could.

This includes compiling a list of big companies that have high CSR budgets and hence can be potential investors in NoonGil. Moreover, when Ji-pyeong finds out that Dal-mi is stranded in Gapyeong after a failed meeting, he drives for hours just to pick her up and even lets her crash in his car. However, Ji-pyeong was the biggest saviour when Dal-mi and Do-san got into trouble with Won In-jae's (Kang Han-na) stepfather Won Du-jeong (Eom Hyo-seop). In Ep 7, Do-san couldn't contain his anger over Dal-mi getting insulted and broke a glass at Du-jeong's office which led to him getting accused of property damage and threatening.

When Du-jeong asked Dal-mi and Do-san to kneel before him and beg in order for him to remove the charges as well as Morning Group becoming an investor in NoonGil, we find out that Jinpyeong had advised Dal-mi to record her meeting with the Won family. Hence, in order to save themselves of a bad reputation, Du-jeong is forced to drop the charges and invest in NoonGil. Moreover, In-jae's proud reaction to her sister's 'hero' moment was the ultimate highlight.

Also, Do-san does the noble gesture of letting Dal-mi know that her halmeoni will soon become blind due to an illness which leads to the latter's breakdown. In an extremely tear-jerking scene, we see Dal-mi share an emotional embrace with her halmeoni. Before this, halmeoni finds out that it was Do-san's idea to work on NoonGil as the former writes heartfelt handwritten feedback to the latter, thanking him.

While Ji-pyeong is successfully able to make Do-san jealous as the latter finds out Dal-mi spent time with the former (thanks to a scrunchie!), Dal-mi makes the shocking discovery that Ji-pyeong's handwriting matches her letters supposedly written by Do-san. On a side note, the mystery man hell-bent on revenge is pointing more and more towards Do-san's best friend Kim Yong-san (Kim Do-wan) especially when he was the only one left at Samsan Tech apparently saving all the data. Also, Lee Chul-san (Yoo Su-bin) continues his hilarious pursuit of courting Jeong Sa-ha (Stephanie Lee) but to no avail.

Check out some of our favourite moments from Start-Up Ep 8 below:

We can't wait for next week's Start-Up episodes!

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Anonymous 5 months ago

don't like the ending Suzy Bae should end up with her first love Kim Seon Ho. They look good together.