Start Up’s Nam Joo Hyuk to Scarlet Heart’s IU: Here’s what all these Korean celebrity Instagram usernames mean

Ever wondered what Korean celebrities' strange Instagram usernames mean? Keep reading to find out!
Start Up’s Nam Joo Hyuk to Scarlet Heart’s IU: Here’s what all these Korean celebrity Instagram usernames mean
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Korean celebrities and idols are rarely on Instagram but when they are, they have some of the best usernames. For the general public, however, some of these usernames are beyond our understanding. Korean celebrities sure unleashed their creativity while choosing their Instagram handles and all of us can take some inspiration from the masters.

Ever wondered what Nam Joo Hyuk’s Instagram username “@skawngur” or even what Reply 1988 star’s Instagram handle “@ryusdb” means? Well, we’re here to finally answer all your questions about Korean celebrity Instagram handles.

Keep reading to find out what exactly all these Korean celebrity Instagram usernames mean:

Nam Joo Hyun - @skawngur

Start Up actor Nam Joo Hyuk’s Instagram handle is actually the English equivalent of his name when you type it on a Korean keyboard!

Son Ye Jin - @yejinhand

‘Son’ in Korean means hand so the Crash Landing On You actress cleverly substitutes it for Son in her name to make it into a witty Instagram handle.

IU - @dlwlrma

Similar to Nam Joo Hyuk, IU’s Instagram handle is not a keyboard smash but rather the English letters that correspond to her Korean name when typed on a keyboard.

Ryu Jun Yeol - @ryusdb

Ryu Jun Yeol’s Instagram handle actually stands for Ryu Jun Yeol’s deep breathing!

Krystal Jung - @vousmevoyez

This idol turned actress has a pretty smart French Instagram handle which translates to “You can see me” in English.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon - @chwenotchew

Vernon’s real Korean name is Choi Hansol and “Choi” is pronounced as “Chwe”. Vernon used this to make a quirky Instagram handle which earned him quite a few laughs.

EXO’s Suho - @kimjuncotton

Suho’s real name is Kim Jun Myeon and Myeon translates to cotton in English. That’s where the cotton in his Instagram handle comes from.

NCT’s Doyoung - @do0_nct

0 is “yong” in Korean so Doyoung’s short but simple username “do0_nct” actually means Doyoung from NCT.

SHINee Onew - @dlstmxkakwldrl

Once again, this is not a random combination of words and actually means “Insta Majinki” when typed into a Korean keyboard.  Jinki is Onew’s real name so it makes sense why he would choose this username.

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan - @pledis_boos

The CEO of Pledis’ Instagram account is called @pledis_boss. Seungkwan’s family name is Boo and his username @pledis_boos therefore becomes a perfect parody!

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