Start Up star Kim Seon Ho quips how he becomes the most mischievous on 2 Days 1 Night: I play a lot of pranks

In a recent interview, Kim Seon-ho revealed his initial concerns when it came to appearing on 2 Days 1 Night and how he eventually became more comfortable on the popular variety show thanks to the cast members.
Start Up star Kim Seon Ho quips how he becomes the most mischievous on 2 Days 1 Night: I play a lot of pranks
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Kim Seon-ho became an overnight sensation thanks to his Han Ji-pyeong 'second lead syndrome' cuteness on Start-Up. Many would agree that their favourite parts from the popular tvN drama always included Ji-pyeong in them. Moreover, Seon-ho is also impressing fans with his genuine real-life personality which shines through as a cast member on KBS2's 2 Days 1 Night.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Seon-ho spoke candidly about his initial concerns when it came to starring in the popular variety show's Season 4. The 34-year-old actor didn't know if he could do well and wasn't certain if people would like his real self. Seon-ho, at first, was nervous being on camera but eventually he became more comfortable after seeing the cast members behave exactly the same on and off camera. After acting playfully in private like they did in front of the camera, Seon-ho felt comfortable to the point that when he's busy, he wants to go to filming for 2D1N to see and hear good things.

Seon-ho yet again rubbished the rumours of leaving 2D1N to Cosmo stating how "it's really nonsense" and that he didn't know he would be this touched by people finding it so "heartwarming and nice."

"I become the most mischievous on 2 Days 1 Night. I play a lot of pranks. Also, I only think about myself when I act. I try to be considerate of my co-stars, but I only accept other characters when I’m done solving my own character’s emotions," Seon-ho concluded, via Soompi.

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Anonymous 4 months ago

Watching 2d1n only for Seon ho ❤ can't get over his cuteness ❤

Anonymous 4 months ago

I've been a fan of 2D1N since season 1. It's a really fun variety show. I knew Seon Ho in Waikiki S2 and I was happy when he joined as a member in S4. At the beginning, he was shy and not so talkative yet now he is more confident, funnier, and more comfortable with the other members. I am happy to see how their relationship growing and attach to each other.

Anonymous 4 months ago

Im glad i came to know 2D1N because of Seon Ho. KSH so natural and good at it... The show is a weekly theraphy for me. The entire time i would be smiling/laughing.