Start Up star Kim Seon Ho REVEALS advice received from seniors that left him thinking about his attitude

Kim Seon Ho has been enjoying the success of his latest show Start-Up. The actor opened up about the advice he received from seniors and talks about embracing changes.
Kim Seon Ho from Start Up Start Up star Kim Seon Ho REVEALS advice received from seniors that left him thinking about his attitude
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Kim Seon Ho is riding high on the success of Start-Up. The actor played Han Ji Pyeong in the K-drama and witnessed a spike in his fan following. While all eyes are set on his possible next project, the remake of Mr. Hong, the actor recently opened up about the advice he's received from a few seniors in the industry. In his interaction with Noblesse Men, the actor revealed he was told that as a person grows, their ways are hardened. 

This left him pondering about his attitude and it resulted in him following the path of constant learning. As reported by Soompi, the actor said, "I was talking with some seniors who said to me, ‘As you get older, you harden in your ways. You keep getting stuck, and you become really stubborn. You can’t become like that.’ I heard that, thought it over, and realized, ‘I should live with the mindset of ‘always be learning.’ After that, it became a habit of mine to say that I am learning. In real life, I try to start off by seeing the other person’s good points.”

The South Korean actor also spoke about embracing change. He said he has begun noticing a shift in his attitude towards acting. "Recently, those changes hadn’t come like they used to, so I was disappointed, but with ‘Han Ji Pyeong,’ a lot has changed. Now I want to expand into doing new things that I’m unfamiliar with," he said. 

While we wait to see him on the screen again, Kim Seon Ho is set to appear in a play titled Ice. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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Anonymous 6 months ago

The best .The next Hallyu Star.Love you Kim Seon Ho.

Anonymous 6 months ago

Kim seon ho.. right now one of the best actor and international crush... Han ji pyeon most unique and loveable character played by seon ho.. now I watched his old drama catch the ghost ... We believed next time we want see him in leading role... Hope so TVN believe in him and next project with leading with seon ho ... All the very best for your next projects... Lots of love from india