Start Up star Kim Seon Ho REVEALS he would approach Dal Mi differently from Han Ji Pyeong; Praises Suzy

Kim Seon Ho's popularity reached a new height after he starred in Start-Up. The actor talks about how he would have approached Suzy's Seo Dal Mi differently while spoke about his bond with Nam Joo Hyuk.
Kim Seon Ho on Start Up Start Up star Kim Seon Ho REVEALS he would approach Dal Mi differently from Han Ji Pyeong; Praises Suzy
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Warning: Spoilers Ahead: 

Kim Seon Ho shot to fame with his portrayal of Han Ji Pyeong in Start-Up. The actor, who played the second lead in the drama, witnessed his popularity reach a new height by the end of the drama. Fans showed him support as his onscreen character, Han Ji Pyeong, let go of Seo Dal Mi (played by Suzy) and settle for the letters she'd written to his pseudo self in his teenage life. Throughout the show, fans watched Ji Pyeong struggle to confess his feelings before he eventually blurted it out over a meal. 

The actor, in an interview with Star News via Soompi, revealed that had he been in Ji Pyeong's shoes in the real life, he would have approached Dal Mi earlier. "In the drama, Ji Pyeong confessed his feelings while eating noodles. But I thought to myself that if it had been me, I would probably have confessed a little earlier on than that," he said. He added that he wondered if he could have confessed it properly, in real life, had he possessed the wealth, ability, and narrative. 

While he feels things would have been different in real life, as compared to his reel life character, Kim Seon Ho appreciated that Ji Pyeong gathered the courage to let Nam Do San (played by Nam Joo Hyuk) know where Dal Mi's heart lays. "He stayed true to himself by deciding to remain in the role of helper up until the very end," he said. 

The actor was all praise for his co-stars. Speaking of Suzy, Kim Seon Ho said, "I’m sure many people already know this about her, but I think Suzy is an actress with outstanding focus and great acting skills," before adding that every moment that she faced the camera, she was focused and remained composed throughout the filming of the tvN drama. "I think she’s a great actress who also knows how to brighten up the atmosphere on set," he added. 

Speaking of Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho deemed him a "great actor and younger friend." Through the filming, Kim Seon Ho learned a lot from the actor and they had so much fun on sets. "While we were acting, he always had a lot of ideas, and his witty energy shone through. Thanks to him, I was able to enjoy the time we spent acting together," he said. 

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Anonymous 4 months ago

Kim Seon Ho’s fans almost ruined this drama for me. They made toxic comments everywhere. I liked Dalmi and Dosan together from the beginning. I have watched his other movies and 100 Days my Prince and Strongest Deliverman and he played the exact kinds of roles. He was noticed in Start Up because he was with two good younger actors!