Start Up's Kim Seon Ho treats fans with a 'messy hair & glasses' selfie; Quips at them to not call him 'daddy'

Kim Seon-ho of Start-Up fame recently interacted with Seonhohada during a fun V Live session and treated the fandom with a handsome selfie post the virtual conversation.
Start Up's Kim Seon Ho treats fans with a 'messy hair & glasses' selfie; Quips at them to not call him 'daddy'
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Kim Seon-ho left Seonhohada (Kim Seon-ho's fandom name) truly delighted with his recent V Live session which saw the Start-Up cutie interact with his fans from across the world answering some quirky questions and doing some hilarious activities like wearing a bunny hat or a flower crown and blowing out flower petals. From his acting technique to social media activity, anything and everything was discussed by the 34-year-old actor. One of the questions which caught Seon-ho's attention was when a 21-year-old fan asked him if she should refer to him as oppa or ahjussi.

According to @crisp_v on Twitter, Seon-ho stated that he should technically be addressed as oppa but he doesn't mind being called ahjussi either. "As long as you don't call me daddy," the 2 Days 1 Night star couldn't help but quip leaving Seonhohada in splits. Moreover, Seon-ho joked at fans to stop sending him tap balls because even though he's grateful he'd rather not receive it as he already has 10-20 of them. For the unversed, it was in a 2D1N episode when Seon-ho got obsessed with mastering the tap ball and was heartbroken when it eventually broke.

Post the fun V Live session, Seon-ho took to his Instagram page, which recently crossed 4 million followers, and posted a handsome 'messy hair and glasses' selfie. In his simple caption, the humble Seon-ho thanked fans for joining the V Live session.

Check out Kim Seon-ho's charming post V Live selfie below:

We adore this man and how!

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Meanwhile, Seon-ho also revealed that post the V Live session, he planned to memorise the script and practice for his upcoming play, Ice, which is scheduled for January 2021.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I wish someone could tell me where I canwatch the session with English subtitles!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Vlive and youtube