Still 17, The Light In Your Eyes & more: 5 extremely underrated KDramas on Netflix that deserve your time

While we go gaga over Start Up and Vincenzo, there are other lighter shows that deserve mentions too. Check them out here.
Official poster of The Light In Your Eyes Still 17, The Light In Your Eyes & more: 5 extremely underrated KDramas on Netflix that deserve your time
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KDramas, our safe haven. Where we put all all our pains and sorrows aside and get immersed in the beautiful story carved out with care. When it comes to a person starting their KDrama journey, it mostly starts from the popular shows and sometimes, continues on being just that. However, there are gems in the industry that are pure and good but just not that popular. 


So we’re taking a detour today. Away from ‘Vincenzo’, ‘Start Up’, ‘Sisyphus: The Myth’, ‘The Penthouse: War in Life’ and others. Netflix has become many new (and some old) KDrama fans’ go-to hub. While Legend of The Blue Sea and others top the Netflix recommendations, there are many underrated KDramas in it that deserve a mention. Some of these you might have heard but let it pass while some of these you might have not even heard of. 


Let’s get started! 


Angel’s Last Mission: Love

As the ballet-loving season is in, thanks to Song Kang’s Navillera, this is another ballet drama that will melt your heart. Starring Shin Hye Sun as Lee Yeon Seo and INFINITE's L as the angel, Dan, it’s a story about the troublemaker angel Dan who wants to return to heaven, but is tasked with a challenge - to find Yeon Seo’s true love. Yeon Seo’s tragic past has made her arrogant, distrustful and someone who doesn’t believe in love or rather,  is unable to fall in love. But what happens when he ends up falling for her? It’s a sweet rom com that you definitely should start with!


Still 17

A coming-of-age story, ‘Still 17’ is about a violin prodigy, who on her way to Germany, gets into an accident and falls into a coma. She wakes up after 13 years, with the childish tendencies still intact, and is almost like  a child trapped in an adult’s body. As she attempts to get her life back and adjust to adult life, a stranger stands by her side. However, this stranger is torn between him liking her and the guilt that he was the one who was behind the woman’s life-changing accident. This one will be a tearjerker! 


Tomorrow, With You

This show is a journey of falling in love, mixed with the concept of time-travelling. The story revolves around Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon), a CEO, who has the ability to time travel whenever he enters the subway. Curious to know what his future holds, he travels to the future, only to see him living a life of sadness and struggles. In an attempt to make his future better, he marries a cheerful, amateur photographer Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) even though he doesn’t love her. Is he able to change his doomed future with this decision? Watch the show to find out! 


Hello, My twenties!

This show is probably best seen with your group of friends, together. The story revolves around five absolutely different college students living together as flatmates and navigating the stormy waters of young adulthood life. They start off as strangers and in between their fights and laughters, become really good friends. Whether school, dreams, perspectives, notions, likings or taste in men - every single thing about these five strangers-turned-friends are completely different from each other - which makes the storyline much better as they support each other.


The Light In Your Eyes

If you’re a Nam Joo Hyuk fan, then this should definitely be on your list. The show is pretty unique in its story too which aims to kill two birds with one stone. Kim Hye Ja (Han Ji Min) stumbles upon an object that lets her travel in time. She accidentally ends up using all her time and turns into a 78-year-old woman. On the opposite end, we have a young reporter who gives up all his time to live a very lazy life, Lee Joon Ha (Nam Joo Hyuk). But what’s more interesting, is that they both get romantically involved in a very complicated way. How? Give this show a shot and you’ll know! 


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These were our underrated picks that you can find on Netflix. Know more? Share your recommendations with us in the comments below!