Stray Kids' Bang Chan recommends BTS' song Butter in the cutest way leaving ARMY impressed

Updated on May 24, 2021 09:01 PM IST  |  917.8K
Stray Kids Bang Chan is attending the 2019 KBS Song Festival
Stray Kids Bang Chan is attending the 2019 KBS Song Festival (Pic credit - News1)

Isn't Bang Chan the cutest bean on this planet? Stray Kids' leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer, sub-rapper and producer Bang Chan is also a BTS Fan Boy! Bang Chan is known to be generous with his praise for other artists, and particularly admires his sunbaenims, BTS! Bang Chan is a fan of RM and called him one of the best leaders of all time and also recommended his mixtape Mono for his listeners. Recently, Bang Chan recommended BTS' latest summer single, Butter, in the cutest way possible, leaving ARMY impressed.

In his recent V-live, Bang Chan is seen wearing a Deadpool mask as he grooves to Butter playing in the background. He paused the song and conveyed that he absolutely loved this foot-tapping summer bop. He shared that the music video is fantastic too. Bang Chan couldn't help but marvel at BTS' talent and artistry and stated that they are called the best for a reason and that he has 'mad respect for BTS.' 

You can check out Bang Chan's video below:

It seems like Bang Chan is really into Deadpool these days after Ryan Reynolds publicly acknowledged and praised Stray Kids and especially, Bang Chan's performance on Kingdom: Legendary War, where he was dressed as Deadpool. Bang Chan expressed his excitement upon being noticed by the OG Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, and Ryan, being the super cool guy that he is signed Aviation American Gin bottle for Bang Chan with the message, "For Bang Chan, Maximum Effort." He also declared that he has now officially joined the STAY fandom and asked for the group's autograph in return. 

You can check out Ryan Reynolds' tweet below:

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