Stray Kids’ Lee Know, NCT’s Jungwoo and Kim Min Ju are a funny trio ahead of their first MC gig together

Published on Aug 12, 2021 06:00 PM IST  |  179.2K
Stray Kids’ Lee Know, NCT’s Jungwoo and Kim Min Ju during the shoot : courtesy of MBC

Shy alert! The three new MCs for MBC’s music show ‘Music Core’ came together for a poster shoot and it was a humble affair as the K-pop idols, otherwise bold and confident, showed their nervous sides. A new behind-the-scenes video shows Stray Kids’ Lee Know, NCT’s Jungwoo, and Kim Min Ju gathering for the shoot and trying to make the best of it.

On July 16, it was reported that a new lineup of hosts will be greeting the viewers at ‘Music Core’ after a three-week hiatus because of the Tokyo Olympics. Initially not confirming it, MBC finally revealed their images on August 9, making light of the news. With the new video shared by the broadcasting company, we can see what went on behind the shooting of those images.

The video starts with the new mics that will be used by the artists with their names on them. Doing everything from stretching to cracking his knuckles, Stray Kids’ Lee Know starts with his individual shoot first. Handsome but meek, he asks if he doing well not noticing the broken name tag on his mic. A flustered Lee Know continues with the shoot, making a deep bow to greet Minju who is next.

Her beauty doing all the work for her, Minju stands prettily in a black skirt, white top combo posing confidently. Jungwoo makes an adorable entry and wishes to work with professionalism. Decked in a smart jacket and his handsome face keeping him company, the solo shoot comes to an end. 

Minju and Lee Know get chatting as they try to find common ground for continuing when Minju asks if the other two know each other. Lee Know explains that they only know of each other as they belong to the same hometown, Kimpo. Once joined by Jungwoo, the 98 liners decide to talk as friends.

Once together we are not sure where to look as the three dazzle. Breaking the ice seems difficult but with a game of rock-paper-scissors, Jungwoo is decided as the loser who will buy them coffee. Watch below.

Sharing their awkward first experience, the three end the clip with gratitude and promises to work confidently in the future!

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