Suchwita Ep 27 Highlights: El CAPITXN gifts AGUST D plaque of appreciation as BTS' SUGA wraps final episode

The much-awaited 'special' episode of BTS' SUGA's Suchwita is finally out, featuring the viral D-DAY tour DJ, El CAPITXN. But a lot more unfolds for fans as the two musicians open up on camera.

Published on Feb 26, 2024  |  07:37 PM IST |  103.4K
Key Highlight
  • BTS' SUGA and El CAPITXN dish on the emotional final concert of D-DAY Tour
  • El CAPITXN opens up on switching from idol-singer to songwriter-producer and DJ with SUGA's help
  • SUGA and El CAPITXN share insights into their friendship journey before wrapping up Suchwita

In the much-anticipated episode 27 of BTS' SUGA's Suchwita, the spotlight is on the viral D-DAY tour DJ, El CAPITXN. The special episode unfolds a candid conversation where SUGA and El CAPITXN delve into the emotional finale of the D-DAY tour, share insights into their enduring friendship, and El CAPITXN opens up about transitioning from idol-singer to songwriter-producer and DJ, with SUGA's influential support. However, the conclusion of the episode comes as a shocker for fans as Min Yoongi announces the episode as the last one of the series for this season.

BTS' SUGA and El CAPITXN reminisce emotional D-DAY encore concert

In a heartwarming episode of Suchwita, BTS' SUGA welcomed his close friend Jang Yi Jeong, known as El CAPITXN, for an intimate conversation. The duo delved into their friendship, reminiscing about their collaboration on the song Dear my friend during a challenging period in both their lives. Recounting a moment during the tour when SUGA unexpectedly heard Yi-jeong's confession of love through his in-ear monitor, the two reflected on the overwhelming emotions that surfaced during the concert. They revisited the moment when tears unexpectedly flowed on the encore concert of the D-DAY tour, reflecting on the incredible journey they've shared since their early struggles. Yi Jeong revealed how seeing SUGA cry during a performance of Dear my friend stirred his own emotions, recalling their challenging past and the journey they've shared since then. Their candid conversation offered fans a glimpse into the deep bond between the two artists and highlighted the genuine friendship that underpins their collaboration in music.


El CAPITXN sheds light on struggle during career transition and how SUGA helped

El CAPITXN, formerly a HISTORY member, bravely opened up for the first time on the challenges he faced during his transition from an idol singer to a songwriter-producer and DJ, with SUGA's support. Recounting his journey, Yi Jeong reminisced about his early aspirations to become a singer, which led him to debut through Star Audition - The Great Birth in 2012. Despite his initial success, Yi Jeong encountered a roadblock when he started experiencing difficulties with his voice, eventually leading him to put his singing career on hold.

During this challenging period, SUGA extended support to help Yi Jeong navigate his career transition. Their collaboration began with BTS' iconic song DDAENG in 2018, marking the start of a fruitful partnership. Yi Jeong attributes his re-growth as a songwriter to SUGA's mentorship and encouragement, affectionately referring to him as 'Dad' for his pivotal role in his journey. Together, they have worked on several successful projects, including AGUST D's Dear My Friend, SUGA's single We don't talk together, and many more showcasing their strong bond and mutual respect in the music industry.

SUGA wraps up Suchwita on a heartwarming note

The heartfelt conversation between SUGA and El CAPITXN on the final episode of Suchwita Season 1 revealed the deep bond and genuine friendship they share. One of the highlights was their discussion about the creation of the hit song Daechwita, where SUGA and El CAPITXN reminisced about the collaborative process and the impact the song had on their careers. The episode also touched on the challenges they faced individually, with SUGA sharing insights into the pressure he felt during his solo tour and EL CAPITXN reflecting on the dark period in his life. As the episode unfolded, El CAPITXN surprised SUGA with a plaque of appreciation from Team SUGA for successfully completing 28 concerts as AGUST D during the D-DAY Tour. 

As the episode marked the end of Suchwita Season 1, SUGA announced the conclusion with a sense of gratitude and hope. He expressed his anticipation for the day when BTS, as a team, would return to the stage.

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