Sumeet Vyas talks about Season 2 of audio series 'Permanent Roommates': Great scripts has been forte of TVF

Updated on Oct 18, 2021 11:28 AM IST  |  131.9K
Sumeet Vyas talks about Season 2 of audio series 'Permanent Roommates' Great scripts has been forte of TVF
Sumeet Vyas talks about Season 2 of audio series 'Permanent Roommates' Great scripts has been forte of TVF

'Permanent Roommates' actor Sumeet Vyas shares about the second season of audio show 'Permanent Roommates: He Said, She Said'. As the original 'Permanent Roommates' premiered on YouTube in 2014 starring Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh, it is a delight moment for the actor to be part of the audio show as well.

He says: "It's been great. I mean we made two seasons of it. We thoroughly enjoyed making each and every episode of the two seasons, when we were making videos. And uh, what also happened is that after the second season, a lot of similar kinds of shows came out, you know, and as it so happens that when something works, you know, everybody wants to make something similar to that."

"After a couple of years or three years is when the first Audible idea came about and we were really excited because it was like a fresh take on the whole show and premise and the world of it," he adds.

On the question of his perfect timing with Nidhi on the audio show, Sumeet replies: "I don't think the timing was that, that much of an issue. I mean, thankfully we had great scripts, again, and that has always been the forte of TVF. They have a good eye for good writers, and they really back their writers, I mean I can speak this with a lot of honesty. Because I've written for them. I wrote this other show for them called 'Triplings'. So, the sort of it's almost liberating; the kind of freedom that they give their writers, the respect that they give their scripts and that shows in their content."

'Permanent Roommates' was the first web show that came out in 2014. From there to now a number of web series have been released. But do you see that there will be a digital boom in the future and Sumeet answers: "I don't think any of us had an idea that this would turn into something so big. And I guess that's why we were able to do it the way we did it. But by the time they start writing it, they realise that there is more to this story and there's a lot of meat in it so they must explore it. I would say, so none of us have an idea of this is going to be a huge thing. In fact, even when we made Tripling and TVF pitchers. Nobody knew that this was going to almost start a new medium for the Indian entertainment industry."

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