Sung Hoon and Im Soo Hyang cast as leads in Korean remake of Jane the Virgin

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Sung Hoon; Im Soo Hyang; Picture Courtesy: News1

According to a number of drama officials, Sung Hoon and Im Soo Hyang will be working together as the main characters of the remake drama 'Jane the Virgin'. Lee Soo Jung, played by Im Soo Hyang, is a senior year college student majoring in Korean language education. Due to the fact that her mother gave birth to her at the early age of 18, then dropped her off at her grandmother's house, Soo Jung was raised to protect her virginity at all costs. However, due to an honest mistake during a hospital checkup, she's suddenly informed that she's pregnant. Han Ji Hoon, played by Sung Hoon, is the heir and owner of the Marbella Hotel. He is a good-looking character with an average personality and is said to be the typical “bad guy.” He is married but will be single soon, however, he also carries scars from overcoming cancer in his past.

Jane the Virgin' is a comedy drama about the main character who, according to her grandmother's words, who kept her chastity before marriage, becomes pregnant with a second-generation chaebol child by a doctor's mistake while undergoing a regular check-up. Based on the 2002 Venezuelan telenovela 'Juana La Virgen', it is a series that aired over five seasons on CWTV in the United States since 2014. Not only is it popular in the United States, but it is also widely known in Korea as it was released through Netflix. It is a masterpiece that won the AFI (American Film Institute) Best TV Program Award and the Golden Globe Award. 

Sung Hoon and Im Soo Hyang debuted in 2011 with Im Sung Han's 'New Tales of Gisaeng’', and met again as the main characters of the drama after 10 years.

Produced by Group Eight, it is directed and written by Jeong Jeong-hwa. Filming begins in September, once the rest of the cast has been confirmed as well. 

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