SUPER JUNIOR’s Donghae wins fans' hearts with his act of kindness

The idol has displayed that he is beautiful inside out through this incident. Read more to know what happened!
SUPER JUNIOR's Donghae SUPER JUNIOR's Donghae | Photo Courtesy: News1
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SUPER JUNIOR’s Donghae has shown an act of kindness as he helped a biker who had slipped due to the road’s wet conditions. The incident took place on June 10 when the road had gotten wet due to rainfall and a biker fell off his bike because of it. Donghae was going back to his home after finishing his live show ‘D&E Show’ on Naver Now. He noticed the biker fall and immediately rushed to help and check on him. 


The fans present at the spot described that Donghae asked the biker if he was fine or had any injuries in addition to where he was going. Initially, the fans were reluctant to go near Donghae but eventually went, seeing that it would be difficult for the idol to lift the motorbike by himself. They asked him if he required help in doing so and Donghae replied saying it was a good idea. Donghae and the people around him lifted the heavy motorbike. The singer-actor then helped do some traffic control and asked the fans to be careful too. Here are a few reactions to this incident from Donghae’s fans on Twitter:



Lee Donghae is a singer, composer and songwriter. He is a member of SM’s boy group SUPER JUNIOR. Currently, Donghae is shooting the D&E Show on Naver Now with his SUPER JUNIOR bandmate Eunhyuk. It is a live program with various segments. Several popular artists like TXT, The Boyz and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul have guested on the show. Donghae has set a good example of being benevolent and helpful to everyone through this incident. 


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