Super massive disaster blockbuster starring Lee Kwang Soo unveiled with release of first trailer

3 weeks ago  |  94K
The official poster of Sinkhole, courtesy of Showbox

Sinkhole is a disaster blockbuster that takes place when a house, which was for the first time in 11 years, falls into a 500m underground, super-large sinkhole. The first trailer released draws attention with the appearance of Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Hye Jun, who faced a sudden disaster and an unprecedented situation in which a villa fell into the ground in an instant due to the occurrence of a very large sinkhole in downtown Seoul.

A sinkhole that appeared in the middle of the city draws attention with its overwhelming scale that swallows up villas, cars, and even electric poles. The appearance of Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Hye Jun, who crashed with an unimaginable super-sized sinkhole on one day when they were living their normal lives, presupposes an imminent disaster situation and causes tension. Also, in the trailer, the lines "I think we fell 500m," by Jung Man Soo (Cha Seung Won), and "Have you ever seen anything like this?" asked by Park Dong Won (Kim Sung Kyun), make you feel the unimaginable scale of the sinkhole. In particular, the scene in which the wreckage of a huge building is barely hanging above Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Hye Jun, isolated in a sinkhole, heralds an instantaneous moment where tension doesn't seem to leave any time soon.

The first trailer of Sinkhole raises curiosity about whether those who fell into a sinkhole 500m underground, with a villa, can get out safely. It attracts attention with a new theme that has never been seen before. The original scale implemented by the production team, including director Kim Ji Hoon of the blockbuster disaster movie The Tower and director Seo Kyung Hoon, who participated in VFX work such as Roaring Currents and The Terror Live, and the lively visuals of the super-large sinkhole provide a deep sense of immersion, raising expectations for the birth of a new disaster buster.

The movie is scheduled to premiere on August 11.

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