Sweet Home star Song Kang is a graceful ballerino in his upcoming drama Navillera; Set to air on This date

Song Kang is all set to come back to our screens with his upcoming ballet drama Navillera.
Song Kang,Sweet Home,Navillera Sweet Home star Song Kang is a graceful ballerino in his upcoming drama Navillera; Set to air on This date
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One of the most popular and critically acclaimed stars to emerge from the previous year is definitely Song Kang and his position as a rising star was cemented into place with his incredible role as Hyun Su in Sweet Home. However, there's no stopping for Song Kang as he is all set to appear once again on our screens for the upcoming drama Navillera. Based on a webtoon of the same name, this drama will tell the story of Duk Chool played by Park In Hwan who retires from his job as a mailman and takes up ballet at the age of 70 years old and Chae Rok who is an accomplished ballerina at the age of 23 but still can't seem to find his way in life. A beautiful relationship blooms between the two over their shared love for ballet and they help each other find their true purpose in life through the same. 

The novel storyline and the beautiful backdrop of ballet are sure to catch viewers' attention and while this is not like your regular K-Drama, it will definitely prove overwhelmingly adorable regardless of your taste in dramas. The elegance in Song Kang's movements and the new found innocence and adoration in Park In Hwan's are definitely the highlights of the drama as can be seen from the teasers that tvN has shared so far. Song Kang is known for choosing his projects carefully and they have always proved to be amazingly successful so fans cannot help but be excited over his new drama. Navillera is set to air on and from March 22, 2021

You can watch the teaser for Navillera here:

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Kab aayega ye session

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Wherever song kang me there

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So so so excited... I love song ka ng to bits