Sweet Home, Tale of The Nine Tailed & more: Top 5 Supernatural/Fantasy KDramas that are a must watch!

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Official poster of Sweet Home in our top 5 must watch supernatural kdramas
Sweet Home, Tale of The Nine Tailed & more: Top 5 Supernatural/Fantasy KDramas that are a must watch!

Supernatural romance? Comedy? Action? KDramas have your back. Something that will give just the right edge to your viewing list and keep it alive!


In this list, we’re bringing some of the best Supernatural genre dramas the South Korean industry has to offer. And no, it's not just characters hacking and slashing their way through the undead. It’s real drama, with plot points and character arcs that are going to be in your mind forever. There will be many moments where you’re laughing, crying and sitting slack jawed as you transcend the realm of the living. So grab some popcorn and get ready for the list! 





Also known as ‘The Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’, this show is not first on just this list, but on the lists of every true K-drama fan out there. The aesthetics, the plot, the characters’ journeys, the cast, everything is top notch. There is just one negative part, it doesn’t have a second season!  Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is the titular Goblin, a being cursed with immortality, trying to help whoever he can. Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun) is a cheerful student who pulls a sword, and has her fate intertwined with the great Goblin. Also featuring our very own Grim Reaper (Lee Dong-wook), and a charismatic woman called Sunny (Yoo In-na), the story is unlike anything you have ever seen before. A must, must, must try for anyone who’s looking for the next show to obsess over!


Sweet Home



A recent addition to the genre, Sweet Home brings alive more than just the undead. A Webtoon brought to life, the show brings an improved visuality to its origin. A rollercoaster journey through and through, with characters struggling with depression, fear, frustration, and most of all, the hope to survive. It portrays a post-apocalyptic world overrun by monsters, and the last ditch effort by the survivors to escape the hellscape that surrounds them. Cha Hyun-su (Song Kang) is the lead who loses his family to a car accident and is barely managing to keep his head up. Watch him try to build a functional defence for the residents, with Pyeon Sang-wook (Lee Jin-wook). While the story is not identical to its Webtoon counterpart, the screenplay and the visual effects certainly bridge any gap present.


Tale of the Nine Tailed



Another wonderful and romantic spin on the genre, Tale of the Nine Tailed is another epic that NEEDS to be seen! The soundtrack, the aesthetics and the supreme performance by the cast is something that’s on a different level altogether. The way the story starts, the frequent plot twists that keep you on edge, and the chemistry between the leads rockets you to cloud 9. The interaction between Lee Yeon (Lee Dong-wook) and his love Ah-eum (Jo Bo-ah) in first life, and her reincarnated persona Nam Ji-ah makes our heart flutter. A story that has redemption, suspense, light-hearted moments and enough slow motion close-ups to make you long for your very own soulmate. The way the story showcases a man and his search for love through centuries of longing, it builds a bond that very few can ever do. This one is for the feels.


Hotel del Luna



Hotel del Luna is a show which digs deep in your heart and makes a home. The story and the screenplay is nothing short of excellent. But visuals are where this show really lights up. Right up there among the best, the visual effects, graphics, everything makes propels the show way beyond any drama that has come out in a while. The story is as straightforward as it could be. However, the performance of the cast brings it all together. Jang Man-wol (Lee Ji-eun) is the owner of a hotel for supernatural beings. Ghosts with their own grudges and their attempts at redemption with their minor arcs bring a fresh variety to the story. Manipulation by Grim Reaper and a deity Mago, bring forth Gu Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) as the new assistant manager for the Hotel. The secrets and minor plot twists keep the audience engaged throughout. If you’re looking for a light-hearted show with amazing visuals, Hotel del Luna should have a guaranteed spot on your list.





Away from the world of monsters and zombies, is a parallel universe waiting to be explored! W is a classic fantasy drama that shows the collision of two worlds - one the real world, and another, a webtoon universe. There is definitely magic in the air, especially when our leads Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) meet and end up falling for each other, only to realise the very apparent obstacle - that of both of them belonging to a different universe. Will they ever find a happy ending? 


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Nobody does refreshing, unique supernatural or fantasy dramas like the Korean industry! Which one of these is your favourite supernatural show? Tell us in the comments below!


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