'TAE IS LIVE' trends on Twitter as BTS' V surprises fans with new V Live titled 'Life Goes On' feat RM

Updated on Jul 25, 2021 01:45 PM IST  |  321K
BTS' V looks handsome in a V-live (Pic credit - V Live)

All we need on a lazy Saturday afternoon is some food, music and a good downtime with BTS' V! Yes, you read it right. BTS' V hosted a surprise V Live broadcast titled 'Life Goes On', leaving ARMYs overjoyed! Wearing an ochre-coloured shirt with a yellow print and gold locket, V looked every bit a 'seven-course meal' as he hosted a fun mukbang session with some yummy food and good music, making our day a whole lot better.

ARMYs will agree that V's Live broadcasts are some of the most fun, engaging and entertaining! And like always, V did not fail to entertain ARMYs with some of his favourite tracks from his playlist, some delicious sushi and of course a surprise appearance by RM! V played 'Love Me Like You' by Ellie Goulding and vibing to some classic R&B 'End Of The Road' by Boyz II Men with fellow bandmate RM! It was a short session but a super entertaining one. We think V should host a 'mukbang and music themed' live session every Saturday!

You can check out some tweets below:

Meanwhile, BTS played an entertaining and innovative game in the latest episode of 'The Tonight Show' starring Jimmy Fallon! Titled, 'Will It Fit?' BTS members were given the task to fit 'certain' objects into a totally unrelated object and try and fit it, and they did not disappoint. Jimin was asked to fit 33 sticks of butter in a fishbowl and he 'punched' his way to a win! J-Hope was tasked to fit 91 ping pong balls into a Christmas stocking and he accidentally spilt them, but still managed to finish the given task.

RM had to wear six shirts on himself and he managed to, looking adorable in his new fashion statement. Jungkook 'scooped' ten scoops of ice cream into a small and fragile taco shell, and relished his win with a bite from his taco-icecream sandwich! Suga poked a mini-cupcake with 81 candles, with the members joining him as well. V was given the cute task to fit 35 figurines in his pants and the rest of the members slyly slipped some inside his pants!

Finally, Jin was challenged to fit 19 bananas into a fanny pack and he squashed the bananas right into the fanny pack! The games were as fun and chaotic as BTS members themselves!

You can watch the fun game below:

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Anonymous : OMG yes TaeTae's Vlive was amazing, Namjoon also made an appearance in it...It was so cute :)
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Anonymous : The title was not Life Goes on tho..it was 먹방
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