Tale of the Nine Tailed Ep 9: WHY Lee Dong Wook possibly chose Kim Bum over Ji Bo Ah; More drama awaits

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Ep 9 premieres tonight. Ahead of the premiere, we look at the possible reason behind Lee Dong Wook's Lee Yeon choosing over Kim Bum's Lee Rang.
Tale of the Nine Tailed Ep 9: WHY Lee Dong Wook possibly chose Kim Bum over Ji Bo Ah; More drama awaits
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WARNING: Spoilers Ahead: 

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Ep 9 will air tonight. Last week, the episode ended on a tense mode. With Lee Rang (Kim Bum) and Nam Ji A (Ji Bo Ah) thrown into an alternate space where they are living their deepest fears, Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) was forced to choose between the two. The nine-tailed gumiho chose to rescue his brother from the zombies chasing his the forest of starvation. On the other hand, Nam Ji A was seen belted to the backseat of her parent's car, reliving the night of their death. 

While fans were cheering for the series chose to showcase that Lee Yeon came to save Lee Rang, there was also curiosity among everyone as to why he opted to save his brother over his first love. There could be a number of reasons. The first being obvious: Nam Ji A was announced as a sacrifice to the Imoogi. Even in the latest episode of the tvN drama, he proudly announced that Nam Ji A will be his deserving bride. 

The trap of fears was laid out by the mythical creature to test Lee Yeon and Lee Rang not necessarily harm Nam Ji A. So the Imoogi wouldn't do anything to endanger her life. Secondly, time and again, Nam Ji A has proved that she has the ability to withstand the problems coming her way. The moment only shows the trust that Nam Ji A and Lee Yeon have on each other. Also, who knows, Lee Rang might cave in a little and help Yeon save the love of his life! We would love to believe that. 

However, the teaser seems to hint otherwise. The Tale of Nine-Tailed Ep 9 teaser hinted that Lee Yeon and Lee Rang are on the defeating side of the battle with the zombies. Meanwhile, Nam Ji A finds her way out the car of death and appears to have landed in her apartment. But the danger continues to loom on her head. While Lee Rang is in absolute tears, Lee Yeon finds himself in another land of troubles as he is seen crawling in a space filled with light. 

We are eagerly looking forward to the episode. Are you excited too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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