Tattoos, phobias & more: 5 Facts about BTS’ Suga that every true fan should know

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Tattoos, phobias & more: 5 Facts about BTS’ Suga that every true fan should know

Min Yoongi or Suga, as he is known in BTS, is a world-famous, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, rapper and producer of the global music industry in the world right now. While being a member of BTS, Suga also maintains a highly successful solo career under the name of AGUST D. A majority of the BTS songs are written by Suga who also participates actively in production. A glimpse of the genius in action could be seen in BTS’ reality observational show, BTS In The Soop.

Suga was born as Min Yoongi on March 9, 1993, in Daegu, South Korea. He started writing lyrics and learning about production at the young age of 13. He then became a part of a hip-hop crew ‘D-Town’ where he started producing songs in a full-fledged manner.  Suga is also famous for having collaborated with some of the greatest female soloists of the South Korean music industry such as IU, Suran, Heize and more, all of which went on to win many awards and were both critically and commercially acclaimed.

Here are 5 facts about BTS’ Suga that every true fan should know:

  1. Before becoming a part of BTS, Suga’s name stage was Gloss.

  2. His stage name in BTS, SUGA, comes from the position he played in basketball – Shooting Guard.

  3. If Suga ever got tattoos, it would be a small dot on his toe.

  4. Suga is scared of loud noises and crowded places.

  5. At school, Suga’s nickname was Motionless Min as he preferred to stay still and not engage in outdoor activities.

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