Taxi Driver’s Lee Je Hoon and D.P’s Koo Kyo Hwan CONFIRMED as main leads for new film ‘Escape’

Published on Dec 28, 2021 12:59 PM IST  |  146.7K
Lee Je Hoon, Koo Kyo Hwan
Lee Je Hoon, Koo Kyo Hwan; Picture Courtesy: News1

'Escape'  is a film about a life-threatening escape and chase between a North Korean soldier Gyu Nam, who dreams of a future life, and a security guard officer who has to stop him, on the other side of the fence in the DMZ. The two actors, who are currently receiving the most attention for their brilliant performances, Lee Je Hoon and Koo Kyo Hwan, will work together for the first time through 'Escape'.

'Escape' goes beyond the formula of division, which mainly depicts the story of confrontation and conflict between the two Koreas. With the North Korean Demilitarized Zone and the military base as the main background, the film focuses on the complex and subtle emotions and dynamism of the escape process, the tense development of the escape process, between the two who cannot coexist. 

Lee Je Hoon takes on the role of Lim Gyu Nam, a North Korean soldier who dreams of a new life in the South, where he can create his own path for the future he decides. As Lee Je Hoon continues to wow fans and viewers with dramas like ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Move to Heaven’, people are looking forward to his transformation into a North Korean soldier.

In 'Escape', Koo Kyo Hwan will play the role of Li Hyun Sang, an officer of the North Korean Security Agency, an intelligence agency that pursues the prevention of Kyu Nam's escape. Known for his amazing role in the popular military series ‘D.P.’, many look forward to his transformation as the serious yet empathetic officer. 

The confrontation and coexistence of the two actors, who maximize the curiosity about the special bond to be created with their polar opposite charm as they work hard to match their dreams to their reality. Director Lee Jong Pil's new film 'Escape', which is expected to show a panorama of action and dynamic emotions, is scheduled to begin filming in the first half of 2022 after finishing the casting of the main characters.

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