Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed REVEALS having no interest in football; Says ‘I can’t tune into it’

Published on Jul 30, 2021 02:33 AM IST  |  101.9K
Nick Mohammed from Ted Lasso has revealed his take on playing the popular 'Nate the Great' in the series.

Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed has shared his take on football, which in fact, is just that he isn’t very interested in the sport. While in the series, Mohammed’s character Nathan “Nate the Great '' Shelley was promoted from AFC Richmond’s kit man to the assistant coach, in reality, Mohammed stays as far as he can from anything that involves the particular sport, football. During a chat with Entertainment Weekly, Nick has revealed he “couldn’t give any amount of care for the sport.”

“I do not follow football,” began Nick. “I had to research so much to pretend that I care in Ted Lasso,” he confessed. Adding that he was taken to football matches by his father when he was young, the Ted Lasso actor shared about disliking the entire sport. He later went on to add that he is “passionate about other things” but could never have any interest in that one particular sport, despite trying really hard!

Speaking of how he manages to work as an assistant football coach with having little knowledge of the game, Mohammed said he checks in with the other actors including Brendan Hunt and Jason Sudeikis if he ever has a doubt in following the “tactics” of the sport. “All our footballers on the show pretty much love football and are really passionate. It's great to see, but I can't tune into it. I don't know what it is,” added the actor.

When asked about the show’s massive success, Mohammed said he finds it “strange” but doesn’t “calibrate” that. Sharing his experience of getting recognised for playing Nathan in Ted Lasso, Nick explained how despite wearing a cap and glasses, he was called by someone as ‘Nate the Great.’

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